Mixtures that can replace breast milk - a lot, all of them designed and manufactured by different manufacturers and the needs of the kids. Best of all, if the child eats the same formula, which suits him, and nourishes the body of the little man. However, many mothers face this problem, when a child, for various reasons, refuses to mix. This often causes concern, because if the child does not have a sufficient amount of the mixture a day, he will not receive the necessary body substances, and it would be wrong to grow.

You need to understand that the reasons for refusal of the child from the mixture of very different, many of them are quite objective and should not make parents worry. Before you panic, you should understand.

The lack of hunger

First, and very often the main reason that the baby refuses the mixture, is the reluctance is because of satiety. Over time, the mother will understand what a portion should be for a certain age, and how many hours is enough of this food. But first, parents may feel that the child is constantly hungry. Don't force him to eat if he refuses to mix. You can try to offer the kid to eat after 30-40 minutes.

Growing teeth

Another common reason is a mixture of teething, which leads to General malaise the baby. In some children this process is sometimes accompanied by other digestive disorders with nausea or diarrhea. In addition, the child may have sore gums, and finding a bottle in the mouth increases the pain. Parents are advised to be patient and wait it out, if for some days the child eats less than usual, this is not anything terrible.

Other reasons

It sometimes happens that the child does not like the mixture of the mother. It is therefore better to choose the mix that suits you and enjoy and feed the baby her constantly. The same applies to the choice of bottles and nipples, the baby may refuse to eat if it is inconvenient. After trying a few different options, you need to find any more change.

Disease of the stomach or other ailments can also be the cause of rejection of the mixture. Attentive mother will immediately notice that the child is worried about something, and will be able to find a reason to try to fix it.

Most often, kids are happy to eat the mixture in their allotted time of eating. If the kid refuses food, do not panic, it is better to calmly sort out the possible causes and their solutions.