Breastfeeding is not just food process, but a kind of communication of mother and baby in which the baby meets the world, learning relationships with others. The transfer of a child to the mix means a replacement mum for baby other people: dad, grandma – which will help to satisfy your hunger, but will not have such an impact on emotional development, which provides mom. Therefore, when bottle feeding or spoon-do not forget to communicate with your baby, stroke him, speak to him, hugged her.
Correctly select the compound. It is very important that the mixture that you give the baby, is fully suited to him in age. From what you will feed a three-month child blend for six months, it is likely to grow will not, and will not add weight, but the emergence of allergies that can contribute. The higher the age category, the harder and heavier food. The body of the child can not cope with its processing, causing it to accumulate substances causing an allergic reaction. If after feeding the mixture have the baby appear on the skin irritation, you should immediately stop giving the mixture to consult a doctor.
Transfer the mixture gradually. If you choose this method of feeding, due to the fact that you become uncomfortable, frustrating breast feeding or you feel that the milk ends up, try to pump breast milk in a bottle and each time add more of the mixtureuntil it will replace the milk completely. This method of translation on the mixture will be more gentle for your child.
Follow the health of the baby. Nowadays you can pick up this mixture, which is beneficial properties will not differ from mother's milk. However, to avoid problems you should monitor the color of the skin of the child, with the consistency of the stool. If in any doubt, that the mixture is not suitable for a child, you should consult with your doctor.
Choose the right bottle and nipple. Often children find it difficult to get used to the rubber teat, why they simply spit it out, frowning at it as if you give him something tasty. Try replacing the pacifier with a bottle of silicone. Experiment with its form. There are many bottles not only mimic the shape of the breast, but also simplify the feeding process, and prevent the penetration of air bubbles, which significantly reduces colic and regurgitation.