Poor appetite in a child aged one year may be due to a huge number of reasons. For example, the baby just does not like certain foods. Maybe he doesn't like broccoli and cauliflower. But the words he can not Express. As a result, it decreases the appetite. Mommy begins to actively offer the food, the child refuses, and they get into a vicious circle.

There is an option that the child eats little because it's not feeling well. In this case, you need to very carefully look at the behavior of the child. If he is restless, kicks legs and cries, and presses her hands to her stomach, so food does not go to him for future use.

If in addition to concern appear symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, frothy stool, etc., should consult a doctor. Most likely, the child problems with digestion and assimilation of certain types of products.

The child may refuse food even in that case, if it seems boring. Children under one year of age are very fond of bright things. And food is no exception.

On the basis of experiments and studies, scientists and doctors have identified some rules that help to turn one-year-old who does not want the child in the toddler eating food for both cheeks.

What to do, the child began to eat

First and foremost, you should understand that if you undertake a job retraining king tut in child appetite have to sustain the regime and patience.

The first paragraph of the plan is a compulsory subject and mode. The food should be at the same time, right on schedule. If the baby eats on the clock and approximately the same intervals, it helps to set his digestive system in a working mood. Around this begin to activate and tie the biorhythms.
In the first place there must be discipline parents. To push the baby a spoonful of force is not necessary. The main thing is to force yourself not to be lazy and build a day of the baby so that the food was for him as natural as sleeping and walking.

The second point is the menu. Do not deny a child the reluctance to eat foods that he doesn't like. He is also a man, though small, does have his preferences. So you should just play with the menu to select new combinations of products. Offer your baby 2-3 dishes to choose from, so he definitely had options.

Also worth to take care of decoration of dishes. The more interesting and brighter the food, the more willing the child to eat it.
However, realism is also necessary not to overdo it. This is due to the fact that if you make too natural a Bunny or a duck, the child may simply be sorry for her.

Also, try to listen to the child. He may have an intolerance to any products, they interfere with the digestion. You the naked eye can't see, and the child suffers and unconsciously reject them.

And don't forget that the child needs to experience positive emotions while eating. Of course, this does not mean you have to turn on the TV for him or give the tablet with cartoons. Just enough to make the food bright, use fun utensils with funny pictures etc.

What not to do

In no case should the child be forced. Any violence breeds protest. You may get a result, when a child really refuses food.