Causes of poor appetite in a child

It is likely that you think baby is not eating, if he drinks fewer milk. But the child's body determines their need for food. So overfeed the child makes no sense.

Often this happens when baby is offered a new food, for example, at the beginning of the feeding. Remember that your child need time to get used to the new taste. If you can make it there by force, then may develop an aversion to these foods.

Often babies lose their appetite when they start teething, they just hurt. Salivation, appear at this time, only exacerbates the situation. Can also hurt his tummy, head or anything else. The common cold is able to hit the appetite. All the forces of the body throws against disease, and food requires additional energy for reprocessing. During recovery also may lose the desire to eat at this time should not force the child to eat by force. It happens that children eat poorly due to stress, worries or experiences, persuasions and requests in this time will lead to the resistance of the baby. It often happens that weather conditions also affect the appetite of the child, for example, if the street is too hot. Also, the cause may be the pressure changes, magnetic storms, etc.

Many of the children to twelve months to begin to eat less simply because they don't care about this weight gain, as in the first months of life. The lack of mode of feeding also adversely affects the appetite, the same result will bring sweet snacks.

Why a newborn does not eat

If an infant does not refuse food, and in the process of absorption of food starts to act up and becomes restless, then it is maybe talking about some of the problems. The reason for this may be that the mom has little milk or, in the case of artificial feeding, the nipple of the bottle may be too small hole. Pain when swallowing can cause thrush, stomatitis, etc. Possible problems with the bowel, increases its motility while eating, flatulence, constipation. If a baby has beaten nose, the process of sucking is also very difficult.

Cause of refusal to eat may be unpleasant taste milk, if mom ate something spicy, salty or bitter. Artificial food the child may not be suitable for your chosen blend, it's also possible that it is too hot or cold.