Alimony can be paid in two ways: voluntarily and by court order. The voluntary decision to pay the alimony on the maintenance of their children between the parents written agreement about child support payments. Before signing the agreement parents agree on the amounts and timing of payments. In most cases, the amount of child support paid upon agreement of the parties, set a fixed cash sum, payable monthly, the possibility of indexing.
In that case, if one parent refuses to support their children, it is necessary to address in court with the requirement on issuance of a court decision. The amount of alimony, in the case of a decision in a judicial procedure, established in accordance with article 81 of the Family code and is as follows: for one child - 25% of the net income of the parent; for the maintenance of two children - 33% of income; three or more – 50% of income.
The court may be made decision about decreasing or increasing the size of a share, depending on family and financial status of the parties to the dispute. If the income is unstable, the court may set child support as a fixed sum on a monthly basis. For alimony, paid in fixed sum, the law provides for the indexation (law "On enforcement proceedings"). Alimony is happening from practically any type of income, a complete list is given in the decree of the RF Government dated 18.07.1996 No. 841 "About the List of wages and other earnings from which the alimony on minor children".
If the alimony paid in two children, living together, income of the parent paying child support will be deducted 33% of income. Example: net income of the parent paying child support per month is 20,000 rubles. So, 20,000 rubles x 33% = 6600 rubles per month. That such amount shall be transferred in favor of the parent living with the children. If the alimony paid to the two children living in different families, the calculation will be performed as follows: 20,000 rubles x 33% = 6600; 6600 rubles / 2 = 3300 rubles. They shall be collected for each of the Executive slate.
Condition for termination of alimony is the age of 18 years and the absence of arrears of alimony. Child's date of birth must be indicated in the Executive document.