Alimony obligations of parents towards their children is regulated by Chapter 13 of the Family code. It also set specific sizes of corresponding payments, which are typically paid in shares in relation to the permanent income of the parents. A minimum amount of maintenance for each depends on the number of children who are brought up in the family. So, the smallest share of his income parents will have to pay if you have one minor child, because in this case the payout will be only one quarter of the wages, other earnings, are considered when assigning alimony. If a family has two children, the share of contributions will amount to one-third, and in the presence of three and more children – half of the income.

Is it possible to reduce the amount of alimony?

The above-mentioned proportion of the permanent earnings of parents are the only General rule that can be changed in consideration of a case in court. The judge taking into account the specific circumstances of the case may decrease or increase the percentage of earnings to be paid as alimony. In addition, the court shall have the right to appoint payments in fixed amounts. However, in practice, judicial decisions are often fixed exactly the above-mentioned method of calculating periodic payments for the maintenance of their children. The solution downward may be taken only in those cases when the parent has a high income. In this case, even a quarter of a monthly salary will amount to a huge sum, so the judgment could be recorded in a specific amount of payments.

Is it possible to set the size of the alimony agreement?

Named Chapter of the Family code allows parents to make an agreement about the amount of maintenance that is a priority compared to the amounts defined by legislation. But the agreement is usually with the purpose of increase of level of material security of children, so the coordination of a smaller amount of deductions specified in the law, the share is unlikely. If the agreement is fixed too low the amount of alimony, the concerned parent may challenge the Treaty in court. In this case, the method of calculation, the amount of deductions in favour of children will be determined by the court's decision rendered with regard to all the circumstances, the interests of each side.