Contact the Consulate of the country where invited or where you plan to stay for a long time. Get the list of documents that must be submitted for obtaining a Schengen visa. Check the rules of submission of documents, as each Embassy has it own set deadlines, lists, and requirements.
Prepare a passport; copies of all completed pages of the passport of the Russian Federation; certificate of employment on company letterhead indicating the position, monthly salary, length of employment and timing of a business trip. Fill out the application form given to you at the Embassy, in the language of the country you plan to visit. Make colored photos, their number and size specify in the Embassy.
Describe your itinerary. Pensioners should make a copy of the pension certificate and confirm its financial position. Get help from a Bank regarding the account or the work of a man who funded a trip. Sometimes seniors may require proof of solvency through the presentation of certificates of stock cars, apartments or other property.
Complete medical insurance policy for the term which you plan to stay in the Schengen area. The amount of the policy premium should be more than 30 thousand euros.
Pay the consular and service fee at the Embassy. Make an appointment at the Consulate. Can also come without an appointment, but will have to defend the place. A Schengen visa may be granted for single or multiple entries visit. Wait for decision on granting you a Schengen visa. If all the documents are submitted in time and correctly, problems should not be.
Please contact travel Agency, if you find it hard to collect all the documents. You will help in the design, the correct spelling of the form and tell us about all the nuances experienced by people visiting the Schengen countries.