Preparing to extinguish

In modern cooking, there is a large variety of simple and complex recipes beef stew with various ingredients, spices, seasonings, sauces, etc. But most of them converge in the main preparatory event – marinating beef, you simply sprinkle coarse salt, black pepper and other seasonings or spices as desired. Medium marinated piece of meat weighing 1.5-2 kg just a couple of hours, after which the beef is already possible to cook.

There is another preparatory trick that will help make the beef very soft. So, you can cut the beef fat with a shoulder or hind leg, then fry these pieces on slow fire with vegetables (perfect celery, carrots, parsley and onions). After that, the fat should be drained and add to broth, which then becomes an important component of stewing meat.

Another trick that will keep the meat very tender and juicy, is that beef need not be cut into very small pieces, as is commonly done, for example, in Russia. The beef itself is very juicy, but this valuable juice may simply evaporate if the meat is very finely chopped, then you will receive a dryish dish.

Time stewing beef

Accurately determine the time of cooking this kind of meat can only be experienced chef or butcher who will be able to calculate the number of hours and even minutes depending on the size of a piece of beef, the animal's age and other parameters. In this regard, less knowledgeable experts believe the optimum time of two hours, during which the beef "certainly" extinguished properly. Moreover, there are methods to accelerate this process: for example, it is possible to coat even a large piece of meat, spicy mustard (in this case beef don't even need to salt or pepper) that can significantly reduce cooking time to 1.5 and even 1 hour (if the mustard very well, "evil").

It is important to observe and other terms of stewing beef. For example, fire for cooking time should be minimal, so the broth will evaporate very slowly and the meat will eventually get very soft and juicy.

Will help to make the cooking time of beef and carcase. So, cutting is prepared literally within 20 minutes, the edge, steak and shoulder blade – about 45-60 minutes depending on the size of the piece, and brisket, foreign, fringe, flank and sirloin – for the longest time, usually at least 1.5 hours.