What store

The bread could and should be stored in the refrigerator, right packaging in plastic, paper or fabric bag. As it quickly hardens due to the fact that it evaporates the moisture, low temperature of the refrigerator can slow the process down. For as long as possible save the bread you need to cut it in slices, tightly wrap it in the wrapper and place in the refrigerator. As you need bread to get, reheat in the microwave for a minute and just eat until it has lost its softness.

If the bread will be stored in the freezer, it must be Packed in tight foil.

For single store bread in the refrigerator it is recommended to use a plastic bag in which holes to avoid condensation. Retains the freshness of the bread has a special fabric pouch with a three layer structure, which does not appear mold and external odors. The perfect solution for storing bread in the refrigerator is considered to be a paper bag, supporting the natural moisture of the product and prevent it kapitanie smells of the refrigerating chamber.

How to store

It is advisable to store bread in the freezer or on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, while the separation in the doors and the top shelf is strictly not suitable. Slices of bread, wrapped in foil, or polyethylene, can be stored in the freezer for up to a month, and on the bottom shelf, from four to thirteen days. Hot cakes not just put them in the fridge – first, she needs to cool down, then it should be cut, packaged and sent to storage.

Rye bread products should be stored in the refrigerator separately from wheat products.

The bread in the fridge is guaranteed not moldy, it is recommended to put in the package a pinch of salt, wrapped in gauze – in this case for each new chunks need to take a new package. Breads stored in the refrigerator, will remain fresh for days after the extraction, whereas the bread out of the freezer and will retain its softness only for two hours. At low temperature, is best stored wheat bread – but the black tolerate cold even worse. Additionally, most of the cakes contains in its composition, the yeast reacts with certain foods, so baked goods in the refrigerator should be allocated a place of their own.