The mechanism of this phenomenon is rather complicated, in spite of this, people try to yawn quietly, and the animals do not pay attention to etiquette and yawn when they need to.Yawning is a deep breath occurs spontaneously. It is noticed that all yawn, and the reasons for this phenomenon are various. Predatory cats, for example, yawning before the hunt, to increase the level of oxygen in the blood. Monkey - in order for something to tell me and the fish before you swim faster. The Hippo opens his mouth to release "gas" - the waste of the digestion.One of the most peculiar creatures on earth is a snake, and the language is for them the most important sensitive organ. With his help, she receives information about the various substances that are on the surface or in the air. For example, the Pythoncaught the victim, missing her teeth, then squeezes rings body gradually shrinking. Prey is swallowed whole, and even one that more of him several times. This process is helped by the peculiar structure of the jaws, and into the stomach food enters the esophagus through a muscular.Swallow prey the Python can long, and his muscles during that time tired. An increase in the intensity of work of all internal organs. Snake is able to increase the size of the heart, liver, intestines. After completion of the process of digestion internal organs should decrease. To restore to their normal state of Piton uses a yawn. A large Python can swallow an antelope, while his jaw will increase many times over. In order to put them in their place, he would have to yawn. Swallowing oxygen, giant snake improves the digestion process, because if in his stomach remains undigested food, Python runs the risk of poisoning.