Start to understand that this series of laptop and why it is needed. Series is a kind of modified model within a single production line. The fact that almost all the brand laptops, there is the so-called "model number" or "line" of laptops, which includes the subspecies of this product with common features and aimed at users with specific needs. For example, the company Acer is Aspire, Aspire One, Aspire TimeLine, Extensa, TravelMate, Ferrari. In each range there are several models of laptops and each model has several series. Laptops of the same series differ from each other usually only configuration, while the laptop different series of differences in screen size, appearance, and, of course, on the internal content, e.g., processors.
Turn the laptop bottom cover up. There you will see a sticker. Find the combination of numbers and letters or just letters - it will be the serial number that you need. Usually it is written in large font and stands out among the rest. This can be, for example, the brand Samsung series 7 Gamer or just 9, from the manufacturer Sony - VAIO S, the brand ASUS – N, a giant in the world of high technology HP - Pavilion and so on.
Try to find information about the serial number the laptop came with. If you are in the hands of the user manual to your laptop, you will find there his series. Usually it is written immediately after the name of the brand.
Please note one pleasant fact. Knowing the series of your laptop, you going to the website of the manufacturer, will be able to easily identify the model of your laptop, download all kinds of drivers for different software.