You will need
  • - a set of keys;
  • - set of Allen keys.
  • - spetsklyuch for tensioning pulley;
  • - 12-tyranny key 19;
  • - pit, lift platform;
  • - capacity.
If you follow the service book, on the "Skoda Octavia" the timing belt should be changed every 60 thousand kilometers. This is the manufacturer's recommended mileage at which the belt will serve honestly. It can and more to operate, but this is at your own risk. Preferably with a belt to change not only the movie, but also the pump. The life of the units differs slightly, so it is better to err.
Remove the engine, all the trim, protection, anthers. Veneer is attached with five bolts. If you change the pump, then you will also need to drain the coolant. This is a special drain valve. You will also need to remove the power steering reservoir, drain all the liquid. Just do not disconnect from the tank hoses. The surge tank also need to lead the way. Then pick up the accessory belt. It is necessary to weaken, it needs to pull the roller, then remove. Holes that match, need to fix a suitable dowel or bolt.
Remove the engine mount to hang it. It is advisable to install under the motor on the Jack to make it easier to work with. Remove all the bolts securing the engine mounts, you need to extract it. This is best done through the bottom, slightly shaking the engine block. Activity is not simple, but it is possible. After removing the prop, remove the tensioner and auxiliary devices. Of course, it can be removed before, but it is better to leave for a snack more than a simple matter.
Set the ignition using the 12-tyranny key 19, which is necessary to crank the engine. The pulley drive auxiliary devices has a label, which should coincide with the mark on the engine block. Only after setting the pulley to the marks you need to remove it by loosening the four hexagon socket bolt 6. And in the final will be wringing anther key 10. All the preparations are complete, now it remains very simple – to replace the belt, rollers and pump.
Loosen the roller, then remove the timing belt. Unscrew the cap a key for 10 bolts of the pump and replace it. Install a new roller and belt. Using a special key to turn the roller to the belt taut. Then tighten the mount. Assembly takes place in reverse order. And don't forget to fill the coolant in the system.