Try to distance yourself from the enemy. This is the easiest way to avoid conflicts. The less you will see the unpleasant person, the less there will be occasion for squabbles and quarrels. And this need in order not to waste your nerves in vain.
Determine the type of your enemy, if you avoid communicating with him will not succeed. Of course, very handy when the enemy can just stop calling, meet him, etc. But if you have to communicate with this person daily? For example, your enemy is the colleague. Then before you do anything, you need to determine who is this man: a troublemaker, a gossip or a whiner. Each of them has its own way of neutralization.
Ignore all the antics of the rowdy. This type of people is different because they do not care with whom, how and for what reason to fight. They get pleasure from the process. Your ignoring their cries will bring to nothing all their efforts to rile you up. Answering the attacks of the enemy, you'll just play along with it and thereby exacerbate their situation. Agree that people in constant conflict with someone, are more likely to succeed.
Stop to say anything to the gossip. This category of enemy is the most dangerous because they operate surreptitiously. First, the gossip seem to be "best friends", they are part listen to all your complaints, assent to all the observations, regret and calm you down. But after a while you start to catch quizzical looks and hear the laughter behind him. Eliminate all conversations relating to superiors or influential people, if you are faced with gossip not at work. The less information you give, the less reason to reproach you in any way.
Copy the behavior of a whiner when dealing with him. Such people are often wasting your time and may be substituted at any time. They constantly complain about their lives. To cease to be a "vest" for such a person, just start to tell him how bad all of you. After a while you will forget that this man brought you any inconvenience.