Green coffee in combination with ginger is a powerful fat-burning tool, accelerating metabolism and eliminating body fat. You can find comprehensive drinks on the basis of both components, and you can prepare this remedy for weight loss and home.

Useful properties of coffee and ginger for weight loss

The benefits of green coffee for weight loss is content in unroasted beans chlorogenic acid which is responsible for the breakdown of fats in the intestine and prevent their absorption into the bloodstream. Besides, this acid is involved in the processing of fatty acids by the liver. Green coffee has another useful feature – it reduces the concentration of insulin in the blood, which leads to faster metabolism and consequently increased metabolism. Due to the diuretic effect, the body losing weight leaves the excess liquid, and due to the ability to tone and replenish energy costs, the person does not feel fatigue and apathy when changing diet.

As for ginger, or "fire root", this product can speed up metabolism due to being a part of the gingerol – the substance responsible for the "Hotness" of the product. In addition, this root has choleretic effect, improves digestion, stimulates the thyroid, has a diuretic and mild laxative effect. But most importantly, ginger root cleanses the body of toxins.

What you need to weight loss

To lose weight, aromatic drink based on green coffee and ginger need to drink three times a day: the first serving at Breakfast, second at lunch and the last few hours before sleep. Coffee can be prepared in a cezve on the classic recipe, and some brew it in a thermos. Do not overdo it with a quantity of valuable spices: put in a mug can be no more than 1 teaspoon of "hot" product. Judging by the reviews dropping weight with the help of this tool, you can lose weight only if you combine drinking it with diet and physical labor. Only limiting the consumption of fatty, fried, salty, spicy, and spicy food and engaging in regular sports, you can throw in a month of 2 to 5 kg weight loss, and green coffee with ginger in it will help.

Unfortunately, to lose weight with this drink not to persons suffering from arterial hypertension and vegetative dystonia. Should not take coffee with ginger to patients with cholelithiasis and any inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Also struggle with excess weight can not be pregnant and lactating women.