In the first place, is to say that sleeping on the stomach the child is not as dangerous as feared by many parents. This is the natural posture for baby, much more comfortable than sleeping on the back. When a child turns onto his stomach, he pulls up legs to his chest, his body is grouped, the pose is reminiscent of that which was in the womb. In this position reduces the load on the spine, the baby does not need a pillow. Waking in this position he can quite safely until morning.
However, parents understand that if a child burying my mouth and nose into the mattress or vomit during sleep, this can cause diesel engines to sudden infant death syndrome, when the baby is just suffocating in my sleep without realizing it and not being able to call for help. Manifestations of this syndrome in the first year of life are afraid of almost all parents. So I continue to lay on the back of their children even after they learn to roll over on his stomach independently.
One way to cope with such upheavals in the dream is the tight swaddling of the child. No wonder more recently kids tightly wrapped in swaddling cloth and left on all night. In this situation, child quickly calms down, not hitting himself with the pens, and therefore not waking up and not turned over in her sleep. However, there are also disadvantages: it is extremely uncomfortable for the baby. Imagine that you are not able to move all night. Then no rest will not work, the body will get sick and whine. So does the baby, tight swaddling harm the blood circulation and the supply of all organs with oxygen.
The child in the dream to move in the same way as an adult, so it flips on the belly after 5-6 months is almost inevitable. But at this age, the syndrome of diesel engines is not so terrible, as for babies of 1-3 months. The baby as little as possible up and restlessly tossed and turned in her sleep, before sleeping it should soothe. Take no romps for 1-1,5 hours before going to sleep, make the child a soothing massage, give him drink yogurt or milk, read a quiet story or poem, sing a lullaby. Then in the dream the child will be calm and maybe even sleep all night, not turning over.
If you are afraid turned over the baby, you can put on both sides of the child a firm pillow that hinder its movements during sleep. Still the best way to put toddler to sleep in the spacious bed, and in the cradle, which well delineates the child's body and allows him to only lie in one position - on his back. Sleep in the cradle would be preferable for children up to 5 months, then the child becomes too large and movable to a good night's sleep in a confined space.
Sleep with his parents like most children. Sometimes for parents it is the best way to not worry about the baby and not to rise to his cot several times a night. However, touchette from this sleep the child usually very difficult. Therefore it is better to teach a toddler to his crib and right side to sleep in it.