Causes of sleep disorders in children

Normal newborn baby sleeps 16 hours a day, six months old – 14.5 hours, employee's is 13.5. To 2 years the need for sleep is reduced to 13 hours, to 4 to 11 to 6 to 9.5. Adolescents should sleep at least 8.5 hours. If you notice that the baby is sleeping less, not getting enough sleep, and walks all day frustrated, you should understand why.

One of the major causes of sleep disorders – somatic diseases not related to the activity of the nervous system. It can be ear infections, colds, high temperature, colic, goiter, etc. Sometimes the cause of insomnia is a toothache or stomatitis. To help the child in this case, only the timely treatment of the disease.

The second significant reason which disturbed sleep of children is a problem in the nervous system. If your child has not revealed a disease of the nervous system, but he observed fainting, headaches, hearing loss, memory problems, seizures, pain in the neck or lumbar region, he had a head injury, etc. – you need to get checked by a neurologist and diagnosed on magnetic resonance imaging, polysomnography, do an electroneuromyography, etc.

Sometimes the cause of insomnia in child is any hereditary factor. If you suffer from sleep disturbances, a big probability that your children will face this problem.

Most often, children suffer from sleep disorders due to severe emotional stress and stress. The period of exams, dysfunctional family environment, the excitement due to the large number of guests in the house can all lead to insomnia or the emergence of night terrors from a sensitive child. To help the kid, it is necessary to eliminate the factor causing over-stimulation or excitement. Use and folk medicine at bedtime brew baby soothing tea of Valerian, chamomile, hops.

The following factors that cause sleep problems is the errors in the diet and bad sleeping conditions. To deal with insomnia in the first case you must use the correction menu and avoid caffeine, heavy and salty foods. In the second case, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions for sleep – the bedroom should be dark, quiet and cool, the bed and linen should be comfortable and pleasant to the body.

Sleepwalking, talking in sleep and nightmares

In the world there are sleep pathologies that are difficult to explain and almost impossible to cure. Among them sleepwalking, talking in sleep and nightmares. These problems can emerge in early childhood and can haunt a person all his life.

Sleepwalking is walking while sleeping. Sometimes parents don't even notice that the child walks in her sleep, because his eyes are open and action is focused. However, in the morning he can't remember what was up the night will be broken and tired. Sleepwalking can be caused by epilepsy, diseases of the genitourinary system. If you notice such a thing – to seek medical attention immediately.

Talking in your sleep is a common disorder that happens with adults. People in this state can say single words and whole phrases. Aggravation often happens on the background of emotional and nervous disorders, under strong excitement before bedtime. This disease is not treatable, the only thing you can do is to drink before bedtime soothing teas.

Nightmares are different from normal very scary story and high memorability. Baby wakes up at night screaming, tears, spasms in the throat and in the morning clearly remembers his dream. If you have nightmares more than 1 time in a week, the child should consult a doctor.