Rosacea: symptoms

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin disease. One of the first symptoms is the appearance of redness on the face under the influence of such factors as: temperature, drinking, applying cosmetics, and eating too spicy foods.

After some time after a person notices the first symptoms appear reddish spot in the region T-zone with small pustules or pimples. Then the disease continues to develop. In the later stages of rosacea leaves on the nose and cheeks pronounced blood vessels. In addition, this disease is not without stinging, redness and unbearable itching eyes. As a result, significantly reduced visual acuity. With age on the nose can form unsightly bumps blood-red color.


The main reason for the occurrence of rosacea should be considered the genetic nature of the disease. And yet, many factors may trigger the development of this process and the constant aggravation. These factors include: sunburns, constant stress, hot baths, saunas, regular medication from cardiovascular disease, alcohol consumption and spicy foods.

In people with increased sensitivity of blood vessels of the face, under the influence of these stimuli is observed expansion of surface arteries of the skin. Often provoke the emergence and development of rosacea can hormonal ointments. Therefore, to apply them on the face is strictly prohibited.

Insidious how to treat rosacea?

Rosacea is a serious cosmetic defect on the face, which requires effective treatment. Upon detection of the first symptoms, you should consult a dermatologist who will recommend you the best course of treatment.

The local treatment should be applied ointment or cream, which is composed of naphthalene and Ichthyol. For example, "Skinoren" is a comprehensive tool that significantly reduces redness and has antibacterial action.

Sometimes to relieve swelling and redness are advised to use folk remedies. So, you can make cool gadgets on the basis of succession, yarrow and parsley. One of the most effective folk remedies is a 5% propolis solution, which you need every day to affected areas of skin.

The appointment should take antibiotics. To restore immunity after they receive will need to be vitamin. To more serious methods of treatment of rosacea include the impact of liquid nitrogen, a weak electric current or a special laser. But often such interference is permissible only in the later stages of the disease.