To clean wooden cutting Board from small amounts of dirt, use an ordinary sponge, liquid dishwashing detergent and hot running water. But if you cut on a wooden Board for raw meat, this method will not work — it requires more thorough disinfection. Use a foam sponge instead of a half fresh lemon: just wipe them and the surface of the cutting Board, wait a few minutes and rinse it under warm water.

Lemon not only cleanses the plank of wood, but also eliminate unpleasant odors and will also help to get rid of age spots.

Vinegar is another proven tool

Acetic acid is able to eliminate almost any odors, and most importantly — to kill harmful microorganisms on the surface of wooden cutting boards. Dilute a small amount of vinegar in cold water (1 tsp to 0.5 ml) and carefully wipe the Board surface with this solution using a clean cloth, then rinse under running hot water.

Soda solution

In order to get rid of impurities on a cutting wooden Board, you can use this simple, and most importantly - accessible to all means such as baking soda. Dissolve 1 tsp soda in 0.5 l. of hot water and spray the mixture across the Board, leave it for a while, then wash it thoroughly in the usual way. Instead of soda you can also use hydrogen peroxide (the mixture proportions of mortar are similar to the first embodiment).

Microwave — an unusual but effective method

This method will help you to get rid of all kinds of bacteria on wooden cutting Board. Use it preferably after preliminary cleansing of the surface of the Board with detergent for dishes. The cutting Board must be placed in the microwave and heat on high for 1-2 minutes. Follow this procedure very carefully — in any case do not soak the plank of wood, as it can quickly absorb water and when heated in the microwave it can just break.

Scouring powder is not the best option

Some Housewives used to cleanse wooden cutting boards of various cleaning powders. It is best to refrain from it. Despite the fact that they effectively eliminate a variety of odors and contamination from almost any surface, it is not recommended to use such substances for the cleaning of utensils, especially wooden cutting boards — the particles of powder may remain on the surface and with a further use to be in the prepared food. Needless to say that this is a threat to the health of all your family members.