Ingredientid of all, you need rice for sushi. This rice is sold in any the slightest degree a large supermarket. It looks quite usual and the taste is a little different from the one where you cook rice porridge. But true fans of Japanese cuisine and are real foodies still catch the differences. Special sheets of seaweed usually sold in small flat bags 10-20 leaves in each. In addition to the Elevator you can use a special rice paper or pita bread. But this is to be true, rather than to the Japanese, and Asian or Caucasian cuisine.Vinegar for sushi, you can buy ready-made. In a small bottle with a clear yellowish liquid and it is written - "Vinegar for sushi." And you can prepare it yourself. To do this, mix grape or Apple cider vinegar with sugar and salt. The taste should be sweet and sour. Vinegar must soak welded to the rolls Fig.Wasabi is often called Japanese mustard. Although it is made of seems to be such a wholly-owned Russian and native plants of horseradish. If you don't like spicy food, you can do without the wasabi. But the rolls can seem a bit bland.Soy sauce and pickled ginger served in separate small cups with ready-made rolls. Sometimes they are spread on one plate of snack. Don't forget about them, this is a very important component when serving Japanese rolls. The filling can be very diverse! You can turn to the classics and use smoked eel or salmon as the main ingredient of the filling. And you can just go to town and cook rolls with crab sticks. Any Japanese chef would be enough to blow at the mere mention of these sticks. But you're in your own kitchen and can prepare as they see fit. So if there is no crab meat or avocado, you can safely replace them with crab sticks and pickles. Instrumentally an important tool for the preparation of the rolls is makisa. Do not be afraid of the name. Makisa is a small bamboo Mat used in Japanese cuisine. It is sold in the supermarkets, where you get rice and nori. With the help of it you can make neat rolls and to give them the desired shape – round, triangular or rectangular.Knife rolls need not anyhow what, and very sharp! If the knife is sharpened enough, he'll clobber and crush rolls, and all your hard work goes down the drain. Well, if you have a real Japanese knife rolls. But you can also use simple.In Japanese restaurants the rolls are served in a special dish. If you have no desire or ability to purchase the utensils for Japanese cuisine, you can use an ordinary flat white plates. Most importantly – lay rolls beautifully, decorate the plate with pieces of vegetables and patterns of wasabi. The food should please the eye. And don't forget sticks! Even Russian cuisine, when no one sees you, there are rolls with a fork is blasphemy! Believe it or not, but even the taste is totally different!Well, now that you have everything for cooking rolls, find step by step instructions for their preparation on the Internet, have patience please be fantasy and - forward to scaling the heights of Japanese culinary art.