Perhaps special attention should be paid four-and five fingers. According to statistics, four simultaneous fertilization by sperm occurs on average 1.5 times per million. In the 20th century, there were only 15 quartets of identical twins, 10 of them were girls. Raznjatovic quartets much more. The oldest of them - Edna, Wilma, Sarah and Helen Morlock from Michigan – now at 84 years old.
Of five sisters Dion – identical twins, born in Canada 80 years ago, at the birth all survived. It was a sensation at the time. The family of the girls immediately got a big house where he constantly had people wanting to see this miracle of nature. One of the girls died in 1954, the second in 1964. Three still living.
Very rarely record multiple pregnancies ends in a successful birth. For example, at the same time born in the family of Bushnell (1886, Chicago) six kids, only four managed to survive. But chestermason from South Africa, born in 1974, was more fortunate – he survived all the kids. Today, there are 14 sextet-everything, three of which live in America, and three in the UK.
It turns out that the simultaneous records of birth of children - not such a rarity. For example, seven children gave birth to Bobby Mackay (USA, 1997), Hasna Mohammed Humair (Saudi Arabia, 1998) and Ghazal Khamis (Egypt, 2008). All births took place by caesarean section, and in the latter case, the children were full-term and healthy, in a multiple pregnancy is extremely rare.
Apparently, women nature has competition in the field of motherhood. Not only as a record inspired by the Ghazal Khamis, in early 2009, Nadia Suleiman, who became pregnant through IVF, gave birth to eight children. It is noteworthy that the young woman already had six kids. Now 39-year-old Nadia is the mother of 14 children.
No record multiple pregnancies and 9 children at a time, according to the Guinness book ended happily. In 1999 devecerski were born to 29-year-old malasiqui, which persistently treated for infertility. Children – five girls and four boys, was premature and lived only 5 hours. Also the birth of such children was in Australia (1971), Philadelphia (1972), England (1976), Bangladesh (1977), Italy (1979). Among them there was not one surviving child.
Also, there are cases when women are nurtured 10 and more children. However, all babies died in childbirth. And the most famous record belongs to the Italian, from the womb of which, in 1971 the doctor after 4 months of pregnancy have removed 15 fetuses. It is unknown what would happen if they all developed.