Russian girls are renowned as one of the healthiest in the world, was not afraid to use the steam room during pregnancy and after childbirth. Often children were born it in the bath, as there was a sterile environment and access to water.
Modern doctors have disagreed. Some say that sauna lactation can trigger the development of mastitis and affect milk supply. Other – the need to reduce the duration of a visit to the steam room and prefer warm vapor of not more than 60-70 o C.
We can say that the strict prohibition on a visit to the baths a nursing mother there. There are just certain nuances that should pay attention.
First and foremost, you need to know that until you have stopped postpartum discharge – lochia, the way you closed the steam room. This applies not only lactation, but ordinary menstruation.
As a breast-feeding mother to maintain milk level requires a lot of fluids, sauna lactation may be undesirable. Monitor the moisture loss and to control this process. Going to the bath, you need to bring a bottle of drinking water. After every round you want to refill water in the body.
That the milk is not lost, you should start treatments with short sessions. First, the sauna no more than once every 7-10 days. Second, to monitor their own condition. The appearance of dizziness or palpitations, you should immediately abort the session and to postpone the procedure until the normalization of well-being. Thirdly, it is impossible to stay in the steam room longer than 5 minutes and do more than three reps at a time.
Also it is understood that the bath and breastfeeding are compatible only in the absence of any disease. It is not recommended to go into the steam room for women-high blood pressure, as well as those who recently underwent a caesarean section. In addition, the ban on visiting the baths can be poisoning, chronic infectious diseases of the genital organs, increased body temperature.
In addition, you need to understand that excessive load can lead to a breach of lactation. Therefore it is impossible to go to the sauna after an intense workout, as during them the body, and so loses a lot of moisture.
To feel good, it is not necessary to go into the steam room after a hearty meal or on an empty stomach. The first increases the load on the digestive and vascular system, and the second causes the body stress, which can lead to the loss of milk.