Advice 1: Can a nursing mother sweating in the sauna

Nursing mothers – a category of women which usually set a huge number of prohibitions and restrictions. This applies to food and lifestyle, and even trips to the bath.
Can a nursing mother sweating in the sauna
Visitation nursing mother Bani is akin to a decision on important strategic battle. Sometimes family members even collect the entire consultation, which all together decide whether it will be safe for the woman and child. In fact, the doctors say that the baths for women in lactation period is not harmful, but only if she will follow some important rules.

Things to remember nursing mothers, visiting bath

Use baths have any of the no doubt. After all, it is a great antidepressant and a means for rejuvenation and prevention of various illnesses.

One of the main advantages of visiting baths, which distinguish themselves for nursing ladies to increase milk production. Improvement of lactation is due to the fact that the temperature rises as the air around, and the woman's body. Proven by the fact that heat speeds up the process of milk production and significantly improves lactation.
However, it is not worth it if you have problems with lactation to rely on the bath as the only true means to disperse milk. In fact, there were cases when after visiting the baths the mother's milk was gone.

During a visit to the baths must take into account the fact that the body loses a lot of liquid, and it's not good for lactation and General state of a young mother. Therefore, you must thirst in the bath to quench it immediately.

Experts recommend women to start visiting the baths not earlier than 6 weeks after birth. And it is only in the case that the lady and during pregnancy went to the bath where her body was used to. In all other situations, the physicians are advised to open the bathing season not earlier than when the child reaches 9 months. This is due to the fact that if the mother will go dry after the bath, hunger, the child will not die, because already introduced solid foods.

Visit bath nursing mothers can not more than 1 time a week. This woman should be absolutely healthy. If there is the slightest hint of incipient disease better idea to visit the baths to give.
Even a simple cold can become a reason for not visiting the baths. After all, they indicate that the body has begun any inflammatory process, which under the influence of heat may give unpredictable results.

Also for the first time will have to abandon a long stay in the steam room and active hovering broom.

Use the bath

The benefits that will have a visit to the baths a nursing mother, it is difficult to overestimate. Because women normalizes blood circulation, restores metabolism, cleanse the body. As a result, she looks younger and refreshed. In relation to nursing young mothers is particularly important.

In addition, the bath is strengthens the immune system women, who visibly shaken after pregnancy and childbirth. And it is also a very important factor for young mothers, because it is on their shoulders lay all the tasks of child care and home.

If reasonable approach to the issue of the bath woman in lactation, there are no problems it will not occur. And she will receive only positive emotions.

Advice 2 : Is it possible to visit a bath or sauna nursing mother?

The appearance of the baby into the light drastically changes a woman's life. Especially if the mother was able to establish lactation and does not want to give up breastfeeding. In order not to lose the milk, it is important to observe a number of nuances, including when visiting the baths, saunas.
Is it possible to visit a bath or sauna nursing mother?
Sauna or steam bath allow a young mother to improve health, to relax and concentrate on appearance. To devote time exclusively to yourself, even for a short period of time, nursing mothers are not only possible, but necessary. After bathing procedures are a source of health and beauty.

Rules of visiting the baths breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Mama in the sauna or bath can lose vis, clear skin and entire body from toxins. To stay in the steam room can and pregnant women, but only on condition that they tolerate humidity.

The benefits of visiting the Russian bath or Finnish, Turkish, Japanese sauna will be obvious, if mom has no contraindications. These include heart disease, hypertension. It is advisable not to sit for a long time in the steam room, so as not to cause fever, while breastfeeding a woman should longer be soared with a broom.
A nursing mother must not drink carbonated beverages, so after the bath or sauna is not recommended to drink kvas or mineral water with gas.

A visit to the sauna will help the nursing mother to strengthen the immune system, boost mood, as if in a steam room to use essential oils, the effect will be doubly more. Aromatic oils are applied for inhalations, improves the respiratory system.

Lactation and a steam room

When breastfeeding it is important not to be chilled in the bath, so walk on tile or hardwood floor you need sneakers. Be protected should the head, taking the cap. You should avoid sudden movements and extremely high temperatures in the steam room. It is better if the mother will be sweating when the fever breaks.

During lactation it is necessary to remember that the mother's body weak, so it's easy to attack the infection. Try to visit the bath and sauna in the warmer months, not to catch a cold. Do not drink immediately after leaving the steam room, cold water, juice or iced tea.
To go to the sauna on an empty stomach is not necessary, but it is not necessary to enter the steam room after a heavy meal.

It is recommended not to pour after the steam bath with cold water, not to chill your Tits and not to disturb milk production. The first visit to the sauna or bath must pass after one or two months after the birth of a child. This rule must be observed so as not to provoke bleeding.

Breastfeeding depends on the amount of fluid entering the mother's body. Because of the large loss of moisture in the bath and when taking a bath, women need to drink after the procedure more fluid. It is preferable to use weak tea with milk, pure water, herbal teas, infusions or Morse.

Advice 3 : How to bathe in a bath nursing mother

Not only pregnancy, but also a certain period of time after childbirth imposes on woman a number of prohibitions. Some of them are categorical, for example, a ban on alcohol or Smoking, others relative. For example, it is difficult to determine whether a compatible bath and breast-feeding.
How to bathe in a bath nursing mother
Russian girls are renowned as one of the healthiest in the world, was not afraid to use the steam room during pregnancy and after childbirth. Often children were born it in the bath, as there was a sterile environment and access to water.
Modern doctors have disagreed. Some say that sauna lactation can trigger the development of mastitis and affect milk supply. Other – the need to reduce the duration of a visit to the steam room and prefer warm vapor of not more than 60-70 o C.
We can say that the strict prohibition on a visit to the baths a nursing mother there. There are just certain nuances that should pay attention.
First and foremost, you need to know that until you have stopped postpartum discharge – lochia, the way you closed the steam room. This applies not only lactation, but ordinary menstruation.
As a breast-feeding mother to maintain milk level requires a lot of fluids, sauna lactation may be undesirable. Monitor the moisture loss and to control this process. Going to the bath, you need to bring a bottle of drinking water. After every round you want to refill water in the body.
That the milk is not lost, you should start treatments with short sessions. First, the sauna no more than once every 7-10 days. Second, to monitor their own condition. The appearance of dizziness or palpitations, you should immediately abort the session and to postpone the procedure until the normalization of well-being. Thirdly, it is impossible to stay in the steam room longer than 5 minutes and do more than three reps at a time.
Also it is understood that the bath and breastfeeding are compatible only in the absence of any disease. It is not recommended to go into the steam room for women-high blood pressure, as well as those who recently underwent a caesarean section. In addition, the ban on visiting the baths can be poisoning, chronic infectious diseases of the genital organs, increased body temperature.
In addition, you need to understand that excessive load can lead to a breach of lactation. Therefore it is impossible to go to the sauna after an intense workout, as during them the body, and so loses a lot of moisture.
To feel good, it is not necessary to go into the steam room after a hearty meal or on an empty stomach. The first increases the load on the digestive and vascular system, and the second causes the body stress, which can lead to the loss of milk.
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