Sauna or steam bath allow a young mother to improve health, to relax and concentrate on appearance. To devote time exclusively to yourself, even for a short period of time, nursing mothers are not only possible, but necessary. After bathing procedures are a source of health and beauty.

Rules of visiting the baths breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Mama in the sauna or bath can lose vis, clear skin and entire body from toxins. To stay in the steam room can and pregnant women, but only on condition that they tolerate humidity.

The benefits of visiting the Russian bath or Finnish, Turkish, Japanese sauna will be obvious, if mom has no contraindications. These include heart disease, hypertension. It is advisable not to sit for a long time in the steam room, so as not to cause fever, while breastfeeding a woman should longer be soared with a broom.
A nursing mother must not drink carbonated beverages, so after the bath or sauna is not recommended to drink kvas or mineral water with gas.

A visit to the sauna will help the nursing mother to strengthen the immune system, boost mood, as if in a steam room to use essential oils, the effect will be doubly more. Aromatic oils are applied for inhalations, improves the respiratory system.

Lactation and a steam room

When breastfeeding it is important not to be chilled in the bath, so walk on tile or hardwood floor you need sneakers. Be protected should the head, taking the cap. You should avoid sudden movements and extremely high temperatures in the steam room. It is better if the mother will be sweating when the fever breaks.

During lactation it is necessary to remember that the mother's body weak, so it's easy to attack the infection. Try to visit the bath and sauna in the warmer months, not to catch a cold. Do not drink immediately after leaving the steam room, cold water, juice or iced tea.
To go to the sauna on an empty stomach is not necessary, but it is not necessary to enter the steam room after a heavy meal.

It is recommended not to pour after the steam bath with cold water, not to chill your Tits and not to disturb milk production. The first visit to the sauna or bath must pass after one or two months after the birth of a child. This rule must be observed so as not to provoke bleeding.

Breastfeeding depends on the amount of fluid entering the mother's body. Because of the large loss of moisture in the bath and when taking a bath, women need to drink after the procedure more fluid. It is preferable to use weak tea with milk, pure water, herbal teas, infusions or Morse.