Conversations about puberty and sex, with a girl should discuss the mother. She will be able to explain in details all the nuances of puberty women. The girl is easier to communicate on such topics with a person of the same sex, she'll shamelessly ask her questions. You need to understand that the conversation is not over, so always be ready to help the child, to support, to give the necessary advice.
The girl should know that at a certain age her body begins to change. It is a process when from the girl she starts to turn into a girl. The first thing that needs to tell the girl's mother, is the beginning of menstruation. If monthly catches girl off guard, she will not understand what is happening to her body, she may seem that she got sick, that could really scare the teenager. Girls are often afraid to tell her parents about the incident and worried alone. So to talk about menstruation in advance, then the child will experience the joy of coming to adulthood.
The girl needs to clearly tell what month, what feelings may accompany them. Explain how the menstrual cycle and what to watch for delays and periods that last too long. The beginning of menstruation means that a girl can get pregnant, so you should address the subject of sexuality, the means of protection.
After the jump in growth, girls tend to gain weight. Begin an inferiority complex, trying to go on a strict diet that are harmful to the younger body. Explain to your child that this diet is contraindicated, while the body is not completely developed, it is time to obtain all the necessary nutrients. It is better to establish a healthy diet, eliminate from the diet of sweets and soda, chips and so on. Invite the girl sports on her choices, physical activity not only begins to struggle with excess weight, improve health, will help to distract from all sorts of problems and experiences which are saturated with the life of a teenager.
You need to pay attention to the skin problems that often occur in puberty. Visit your beautician, let the girl pick up the individual complex skin care.