To get from sweet vegetable taste sensation and health benefits, it is important to know when to buy a watermelon. In the middle of summer markets and vegetable shops filled with melons. Evidence of the suitability of the product in the first place are the documents confirming the quality. The certificate of quality should be with the seals of the Supervisory authority. In no case do not buy watermelon on the side of the road. The goods sold in the informal areas prone to accumulation of heavy metals.
In addition to the documents, note the appearance of the product. It is important that the watermelon was quite a large size corresponding to class I, but not a giant. Large watermelon should not be too heavy. Correct the fruit has a distinct pattern, shiny crust, no matte plaque. Dry peduncle, yellow diligence on your side, a sign of the ripeness of watermelon. White spot color, a sign of immaturity of the fetus. On the surface of melons should not have scratches, mild dents. If you want you can knock the watermelon, hollow sound indicates ripeness.
But the presence of nitrates in watermelon on external signs is not possible to identify. It is possible to learn at home. Watermelons grown on the accelerated technology, in the context of the fiber in the pulp. Often, the fruit pulp has a purple hue, and the cut is polished. Sour smell, also a sign of poor quality melons.
To test for the presence of nitrates, mash the flesh of watermelon in a glass of water. Colored water is a sign of nitrate, muddy water is a good watermelon. Do not buy melons that are cut to check for ripeness. Do not buy a watermelon, cut into pieces, such fruits are prone to contamination by bacteria and nitrates, which are on the surface of the product.
In order to protect themselves from substandard bocenago product, better to buy it in early September. You should not be lazy when choosing, consider, knock on the watermelon. Don't hesitate to ask documents about quality. After receiving positive responses for all questions, it is possible to buy a watermelon.