What are the colors of Feng Shui attract wealth

The most popular plant for attracting wealth is the money tree - crassula. Fleshy and round leaves of this flower can symbolize coins. It is believed that in the house where jade grows well and constantly gives new shoots always money. If you want to have a money tree that will contribute to increasing wealth, buy a little thing and grow it yourself is a flower will feel comfortable and will give you a positive energy.

The financial geniuses of Feng Shui recommends having boneville. This plant is associated with strength and energy, money, it gives owners good luck in investment capital, encourage investment, business expansion. But if you hang near the flower sword – this talisman will contribute to your triumph over all competitors. However, remember that bonegilla favors only hard working people.

Welfare contributes to the bamboo. It is also desirable to plant on their own, by placing it in a pot of earth for a few coins. And when the bamboo grows, it is necessary to decorate with red ribbon and coins. This plant loves light, so to put the flower you want in the window, and if this is not possible to create a good artificial lighting. Bamboo has another very useful property – it is able to transform negative energy into positive.

According to the teachings of Feng Shui for financial prosperity answer many plants with round leaves. But one of the most powerful talismans for wealth of the family is a geranium with red flowers. In addition, this herb enhances the character of the owners, builds character, contributes to the reduction of aggression and development of a sense of humor. Geranium loves light and moisture, however waterlogged it is not necessary, because the sensitive roots rot quickly.

The house was always prosperity, it is important not only to earn a lot, but also the right to dispose of the money. In this masters will help the fern is able to protect against unplanned and unnecessary expenses. This plant helps to create in the house a friendly atmosphere. Pot fern is the best place in the shadows and very good, if there is a source of moisture, such as a fountain, which is very relevant in the area of wealth.

How to use plants to attract wealth

The zone of wealth on Feng-Shui is located in the South-Eastern sector of the apartment. In this area, and should be placed plants, contributing to the financial well-being. In addition, live money talismans have a positive impact on the workplace, in the office in the store.

The plant-talisman gives its beneficial energy only if it is healthy, well-groomed and does not suffer from a shortage or excess light and moisture. In addition, the flowers are very sensitive to the mood of the owners and always feel their hostility. So grow a home just like this living talisman to which you are located.