South of the house in Feng Shui corresponds to the element of fire. This area of fame. Here you need to place the plants, similar to the fire – red flowers and pointed leaves, such as palms. In General, the Norwegian flora is not desirable to keep in the house, they are best placed in the office. For the southern part of the living room will fit a red geranium.

The South-West. The element of earth. The zone of love. Here you just need to supply the plant with round leaves and yellow flowers, strongly desirable to keep here cacti, palms, aloe. Perfect Crassulaceae.

The West, element – metal. Area children and all that we create. This is the place for white flowers. Here you can put a cal if it's not a bedroom. According to Feng Shui, the Gardenia, fuchsia, white Orchid etc.

Northwest, area assistants. Also a good place for white color. The peculiarity of this zone is that there should be a single items a columnar shape. From plants can be placed here in the tree trunk not branched, for example, palm, aloe, or bamboo.

North. Career zone, the element is water. Color this area blue and black. responsibly, you can place plants with blue and black flowers. For example, cyclamen.

The North-East. The element of earth. Area of education and learning. The flowers here should be yellow. You can also place in the North-East dieffenbachia, because it is believed that it stimulates brain activity.

East area family. Green, element – tree. On the Eastern section of the apartment in accordance with Feng Shui, you can put eucalyptus or ficus.

South-East is the zone of money, wealth. The main color of this sector is green. Element – according to different sources – water or wood. Here's where you put plants with fleshy round leaves look like coins. Perfect "money tree", a fruiting orange. Cyclamen, begonias and violets are also suitable for the South-East.

Choosing plants for home, follow your intuition, the main thing – that you liked them. Least favorite flower, even if it is located in a Prime position, will benefit, rather the opposite. And wherever the plants, it needs to be healthy and well-kept, dust-free and without dried leaves.