You will need
  • Computer, web camera application Driver Cure, Internet access
The first way is the easiest. Connect the webcam to the computer and wait until the operating system recognizes the new hardware. If the webcam will be recognized automatically, the model information will be available on the toolbar at the bottom. Click the icon to the new device. Displays information about the model and about the technical characteristics of this webcamera.
If the system does not recognize the webcam and says "Unidentified device", you need to update the driver via the Internet. Click on "My computer" right-click. Select "Properties", then go to the tab "device Manager". On the top line press the right mouse button and then click the "Update the hardware configuration". Find the line "Unknown device". Click the right mouse button. From the menu select "Update driver". The system will do a driver update. After updating the driver the device is recognized, and you can see model webcamera.
If, however, with the help of the device Manager the system cannot find the driver for the connected hardware, you need to use a special program to find them. Download the app Driver Cure. Install and run Driver Cure. In the program menu simply select the connected device to which you want to locate the driver and click "Search". The program will automatically find and install the correct driver. After installing the drivers, model name, the webcamera will be displayed at the bottom of the Windows toolbar.
When the drivers will be installed, will be available not only model of the webcamera, but its technical characteristics, resolution, and functionality. On the Internet on the manufacturer's website you can always see all the models, webcamera and learn about functionality.