What kind of moss it is best to choose to grow on the rocks

Some people like how they look in their garden stones covered with moss. People even grow moss on their own. The best way to grow on the rocks like this moss, as Lunularia, Astilba, Spagna, the Bleeding heart, Geyhera, Solomon's seal and Hosta. No worse than grow on rocks Javanese, and Bokoplavy Cormophyte mosses. All of these types of moss grow in different conditions. Some plants like shade while others prefer Sunny places. But these types of moss have one thing in common - they all grow well in flowerbeds and rocks. The most popular among other types of uses sphagnum moss. It is easy to get in the woods and plant at home. However, you can take any moss. In order to grow it at Cannes, you need to add in Oh the yogurt and sugar. Then this mixture needs to stand for seven hours, after which it was poured onto the stones. To the moss in the stone is ingrained, it is necessary for three weeks well fill it with water. In addition, you can purchase moss in a flower shop. Then he carefully put near the stone. After a while the plant will absorb the stone. Also you can plant Sedum, which resembles a moss. He looks at the stones very attractive.

Moss on the stone as part of the scenery garden plot

In garden plots, very often the architectural elements of the scenery are beautifully covered with moss. Very often garden sculptures decorated with moss. Such elements can be covered with moss as a whole, and only in some certain areas. Usually moss is used in garden design in retro style. Moss in this case it helps to give the sculpture the appearance of antiquity. Also, of course, the moss looks in the Japanese garden. In the modern landscape of mosses soften the geometric rough texture concrete elements. Often moss is used for the attractiveness of the stone garden paths. This technique is used not only in traditional but in the modern landscape.

How to grow moss on stone

Stone are concrete, masonry surfaces and pottery ceramics. To grow moss on this basis, it is better to scrape off the material with mossy stones. Although you can use a dry natural moss. Best moss to take root on the porous stone surfaces or rough texture. To do this, make a pasty mixture according to the recipe, which would require two cups of yogurt or natural yogurt and about a Cup of chopped moss. These components need to be mixed. In the end, the consistency of the mixture should be like cream. The mixture is applied to the areas of the stone where it will have to grow moss. This mixture smeared on the rock with your hand or a soft brush. The rate of development of the moss on a stone surface may be different. But after about six weeks, will be seen exactly – caught the moss on the rock.