Creating a beautiful landscaped Park with ferns and lichens, first, learn best practices, how to plant moss, and then head to the forest or woods to gather source material. First, gather the source material for planting, examining the stumps on the floor, but especially beautiful is the moss that you can find in the sun. All the beautiful cushions of moss seize together with the soil, so they are well started already after landing, try to choose a moss different structure and size so that it is different shades.
Secondly, all the collected material bring on his land, carefully lay it on the surface of the earth, press down, and then pour, as the mosses love a sufficient amount of moisture. Before planting this plant, you can place it on a metal pallet, pre-loading, there is little water, and then proceed to the creation of the original terrain of your site. The moss should be planted, when it made an artificial pond, planted trees and other key plants of your landscape garden are correctly placed boulders and natural stones.
Remember that planting a moss starts from the edge of your site, so fill assembled in the forest of the material of the free surface of the site where you originally planned it. Draw on the ground the location of mosses, and when landing make a shallow notch, which is well cover with water. Expanding in such a deepening of the collected pieces of moss, remember that the edge fragments need to find the adjacent elements, and also to be outside the contour of the recess. Between the moss subsequently did not germinate weeds, cover the bottom of the deepening of a special material – geotextile, over which pour a little purified wet ground.
To natural moss is better settled down, planted it in the shaded areas of your landscape garden – around the artificial lake, under shady trees or shrubs. The ideal time for planting moss is the weather, when the air is humid, so if you don't have time to plant it in spring, then engaged in planting in September. Autumn rains will help to saturate the ground with moisture, and you planted the moss fast enough and well accepted, but if you will cover it for a week with plastic wrap under it will remain necessary moisture level.