A General system of posts was established by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1166, Their total duration is 200 days a year. The posts are divided into multi-day and one-day. For years the faithful hold four multi-day fasting: a Great, Petrovsky, Christmas and the assumption. One-day fasts are observed on Wednesday and Friday of each week, on Epiphany eve, the day of the beheading of John the Baptist and the exaltation of the Holy cross.
Wednesday and Friday are called fast days. And in the summer, between Petrov and Uspensky fasts, and in the fall before advent, these days are strict fasts, i.e., prohibiting the consumption of fish, meat and dairy products. In winter carnivore between Christmas and the Great posts, and also in the spring to Peter's fast allowed cooked food, vegetable oil and fish. Fish products are also prohibited on the day of the beheading of John the Baptist and the exaltation of the Holy cross.
Petrov, or Apostolic, fasting begins a week after the Holy Trinity. According to the requirements of fish is allowed only on Tuesday and Thursday and weekends, when it starts lightweight post. Method of preparation of fish products includes boiling, stewing, baking and roasting in vegetable oil. In the days of the Dormition fast commemorated the mother of Jesus Christ Maria. This post is more stringent than Petrov. Fish dishes are allowed to eat only once, on the feast of the Transfiguration.
Advent always begins on the same day, November 28, and lasts for forty days until January 6, when is celebrated Christmas eve. This post gives the strictness assumption and Great. Fish and fish products, which can be used with oil and wine permitted Saturday and Sunday.
The rigorous and continuous fasting of all the Great. It precedes the onset of a big religious holiday – Easter. Lent begins seven weeks before holiday and consists of the lent, i.e. four weeks, and Holy week. Lent symbolizes the life of our Lord Jesus Christ on earth and his dwelling in the wilderness for 40 days and Holy week is dedicated to the memory of the last days of the earthly life, suffering, death and burial of Jesus Christ. The believers for all days refuse to dairy products, poultry and meat. Only two involves the use of fish, oil and wine – the Annunciation (only if this day falls on Holy week) and palm Sunday. And on Lazarus Saturday allowed to eat fish ROE.