Is there a sore throat without fever

In medicine is known for this kind of respiratory diseases as catarrhal sore throat. This form of the disease occurs without fever. The illness occurs due to the penetration of streptococci and staphylococci in the lymphadenoid tissue of the throat, thus infecting them.

How to recognize the symptoms of angina without high temperature?

The catarrhal angina symptoms include tenderness and enlargement of lymph nodes, headache, sore, dryness, pain when swallowing. Catarrhal sore throat accompanied by General weakness of the body and body aches. This is an infectious disease, which means that it's contagious. Be transferred to such angina may by airborne droplets or by household. Often catarrhal angina is a complication of the flu or whooping cough.

If catarrhal angina is not accompanied by an increase in temperature, it means that the tonsils does not occur purulent formations. Sore throat without fever can still be very dangerous.

Treatment catarrhal angina

In the treatment of catarrhal sore throat it is especially important to comply with bed rest. A person needs to move less, less contact with other people and not to burden the body to exercise. To strengthen the immune system, it is advisable to consume vitamin complex, there are large quantities of vegetables and fruits, reduce fatty foods in your diet, drink the liquid in large quantities.

Gargling helps to not only alleviate pain, but to kill harmful germs. In the early stages of the disease to gargle is recommended every two to three hours. When the state is seizing, you can make a gargle every three to four hours. Use for gargling can decoctions of various herbs – chamomile, sage, eucalyptus. Helps with catarrhal angina a solution of boiled water mixed with sodium bicarbonate and iodine. The pharmacy can buy ready-made preparations for gargle – chlorhexidine and taste.

Another effective method of treatment of angina without elevated temperature – inhalation. This procedure can be carried out with the use of herbs or oils. The throat should be warm. It can wrap the scarf or apply a compress was. But it is worth remembering that any wrap can not be kept for more than four hours, and, of course, it is forbidden to leave for the night.

For the treatment of catarrhal sore throat the pharmacists recommended two options – tablets and sprays. These are exactly what you offer in a pharmacy. Good effect in the treatment of disease and give antibiotics. But use them only after consulting with a doctor.