Connect to phone wired headset or headphones. With a wireless headset to listen to ordinary FM radio will not work - the cord is used as antenna. The exception is the Just5 phones, Fly Ezzy and similar - they are equipped with built-in antennas of the UHF band.
Look in the phone menu item that allows you to turn on the radio. Its location depends on the manufacturer and model of the device. Note that the receiver built into the phone is single band - it is able to accept only stations in the frequency range from 88 to 108 MHz. Keys with horizontal arrows select the desired frequency and start listening.
To adjust the volume, depending on the phone type, use the vertical arrows or long double key on the right side of the machine. Optionally, you can include a speaker, but the headphones have to remain connected to the phone. If the app detects that headphones are not, it displays an error message and automatically closes.
If you're using a phone from Sony Ericsson, and built-in receiver is not equipped, find out in the salon, whether it is your office of the special headset to the receiver. The gap in her cord included unit is tiny (half the size of a matchbox) with a few buttons and its own display with blue backlight - it receives signals of the stations. Buy it for the batteries do not have to - it gets the voltage from the phone itself.
To listen to Internet radio stations you will need a smartphone running the operating system Symbian or Android. If it is released so far in 2010, look for in its menu built-in IOS app for receiving Internet radio, and machine older models (released before 2004) have to put a special program, such as għar mundu Radio or Virtual Radio.
Correctly set up the access point (APN), connect the operator unlimited access to the Internet you are satisfied with the tariff (or connect the phone to the home WiFi router). Running the program, select the desired station from the list, or enter a direct link to its audio stream. Wired headset for listening to Internet radio is optional, but the cell phone battery will discharge very quickly.