First you need to calm down and relax. A case of you not going anywhere, but the attitude on this matter may be quite negative, that will determine its future results. You need to put everything aside and just relax. Everyone needs some time to thoughts left his head, some hour, some a week. When all the negativity is still going to leave you, you can begin to analyze the situation and the further plan of action. If you do long work, you can use meditation techniques, take a relaxing bath or just alone to walk in the Park.
The situation analysis involves determining the reasons why it has risen, and the reasons must be objective. If you don't like something you do if you hate your daily routine, admit it. Admit it and change your life completely. And rejoice that you realized this now and not later 10 years, when to change lives much more difficult. Without understanding the real reasons to solve problems impossible. There is no need to be afraid of appearing negative thoughts, which could further drive the person into depression, because there is a conscious, and not a chaotic process.
When all ideas of the head, are controlled, to change them from one pole to another is quite simple. This will be the next step. You need to change all the negative thoughts with positive affirmations or self-hypnosis. Decadent mood should be optimistic, expectation of failure is replaced by the desire for success, the attitude to the environment and to themselves - to be positive. The only way we can again refresh ourselves. Plan for future performance, set goals, define new directions of development - most importantly, don't just stand there. Some in this respect, of great help be the machinations of enemies and competitors: not to enjoy them, man of the mountain collapses on the way to the cherished goal.
We should realize that every drop of life is a new opportunity to achieve something greater. Failed in the financial business - get creative. Survived the betrayal of a loved one - open the heart for new interesting acquaintances. Stole a car - take a metro or ride with you son. Dismissed - leave with his family in the village to the aged and parents are always waiting for you. Things will get better, and you even can not understand how it happened. Surprisingly, but most often it is in moments of the greatest failures of the great prospects for growth. The bonus here will be the revision of life values: beyond beloved family and health there is nothing.
The next point want to give up and quit, remember their achievements, from the most important in the end of British school of Economics to a minor, but hilarious, for example, winning the family competition eating doughnuts. You need to sit down and make a list of victories, and quite a large list, for example, of the 50 achievements. Periodically it is possible to complement, at the outskirts of another apathy to get and read. You can also make a list of the brightest and most unusual compliments or encouraging phrases to your address.
To prevent low morale in the future can sometimes create a situation involving the way out of your comfort zone. Then the trouble and obstacles on the way to the goal in real life will not be perceived as the end of the world. You can do completely different things: if you do not feel comfortable with large crowds of people, especially attend every corporate event or an international seminar; if you are frightened by the prospect of speaking in public, sign up for the karaoke contest at your nearest club; if you have established over the years and smelling of mothballs the way, ask the business card of a hairdresser his son, Neformal, etc.