Insecticidal preparation

Malathion is a dense liquid of yellowish or brownish color with an unpleasant odor. Highly soluble in water at low temperatures does not lose toxic properties. It belongs to the drugs contact action, it means that the substance enters the body of the pest through the skin, paralyzes the nervous system and causes respiratory failure.

To buy Malathion in shops of the economic goods in a concentrated state in the form of powder. Immediately before use it is diluted with water, stirring constantly, until a homogeneous suspension. When using outdoors it has a small duration, up to 10 days, quickly collapses and disappears under the influence of sun and wind, so the treatment was repeated after a week.

The application of Malathion

It is a commonly used insecticidal agent in individual backyards. In the garden and orchard, Malathion is used against biting and sucking insects: psylla, aphids, caterpillars, Codling moth, herbivorous mites and insects, leaf-eating butterflies. To combat the larvae of Sawfly caterpillars on Apple trees and pears a concentration of the drug needs to be 0,9%, that is 90 grams of Malathion diluted in a bucket of water.

To handle the bushes: gooseberries, raspberries, currants 75 g dissolved in 10 litres of water for spraying of stone fruit and vegetable crops it is necessary to use a 0,6% solution. Malathion does not kill the eggs of pests, so plants affected by spider mite that should be treated three times a week. Heals with it, planting flowers: roses, lavender, other decorative essential-maslichnykh plants, as well as vineyards.

Raspberries and strawberries from weevil sprayed twice a year, before flowering and after harvest. On fruit crops the last treatment is carried out a month before harvesting. Spray means in the morning or evening, when there is no wind and the air temperature not above +15°C, good wetting of the surface of the leaves. Despite the fact that the drug is ancient, it was used even in Soviet times, the effectiveness is not inferior to the new insecticidal means.

You can not mix the Malathion with other chemicals to carry out the treatment during flowering and the formation of ovaries. When working with chemicals should wear protective clothing, upon completion should wash hands thoroughly and face.