General rules of transportation of Pets on the train

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First, small Pets (birds, hamsters, rats, Guinea pigs, cats, dogs) shall be transported in trains of all categories, without exception. Their own weight is not considered weight of hand Luggage.

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Secondly, the carriage of Pets is allowed in all cars, except SV and cars with high comfort.

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Thirdly, animals transported in the train, have to be in special containers, boxes, cages or baskets. These containers must easily fit in the place of baggage.

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Fourth, each pet must have a veterinary certificate and a receipt of the type "Luggage at the hands of the passenger". For obtaining this ticket we need at the station to pay for one piece of baggage weighing up to 20 kg.

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Comments to the rules of transportation of Pets on the train

The objective of any passenger carrying a pet train is ready in advance to the special container for pet. You must choose a product that is appropriate to the animal in many respects: size, material of manufacture, availability of drinking troughs, extra pockets, the possibility of Assembly and disassembly, etc.

As practice shows, the best-proven portable carrying case with wheels. Such containers allow the animal to feel most comfortable during the trip, the pet may turn in different directions, and stand up. This will allow the animal to sit all the way in one position, and to move.

Some carriers are recommended for safer travel to get a special portable cages, since the transport of large and aggressive dogs also requires certain rules. This will allow other passengers and the train staff not to feel fear and discomfort. In this case, people will not fear that an aggressive dog could bite them at an inopportune moment.

If pet is not accustomed to such transport, it is necessary for them to teach in advance. This is done three weeks before the trip. Animal accustomed to the container, the bag or the cage. For future Luggage needs to put the house in a cozy atmosphere, put the litter, which is more like a pet. Inside baggage, it is recommended to throw some delicacy.

Dogs must be accustomed to the muzzle. Words like "My dog does not bite" is not an argument for supervisors and conductors. No matter whether the dog is good or evil, and the muzzle is an indispensable attribute of the rules of transportation of Pets on the train.

It is necessary to issue the relevant documents. Transportation of animals within the CIS is limited to the veterinary certificate number 1. It should be a confirmation of vaccination against rabies, made not later than 1 month before the transfer. This certificate is valid for three days, so the issue must be immediately before the trip.