You will need
  • - cash;
  • tea;
  • cake;
  • - Souvenirs.
The West has recently become fashionable for dismissal writing colleagues farewell letter. They can be sent as a mass mailing to all the staff and to write individual letters which became the most close employees. Email is best to start with treatment (friends, colleagues, etc.), to thank them for their cooperation, recall the joint projects (that you can later associate colleagues with their work, and their success will settle subconsciously in your thoughts as well). It is desirable to wish colleagues and employer success and prosperity and be sure to leave your new contacts – life happens and the old when you can be useful. Also, if you work in a big company, and not all of you know, the letter you can announce what number you will not be at work and to indicate the employee who will be after you leave to perform your duties.
After the farewell letters you can throw a party, but whether it's a modest get-togethers with tea and cake at lunchtime or a large-scale party at the cafe to you, it all depends on your relationship with your colleagues and from your financial situation. An alternative is to arrange a small tea party after work, to invite all my colleagues and definitely the head. You can thank everyone for the experience that you had while working with them, and give a small souvenir (a magnet/calendars General photos of all employees with any corporate). And, this weekend, invite a set of colleagues in a restaurant or a bar where you can have fun remembering working together, we can discuss the first working day in the organization – it will definitely make you nostalgic smile.
There are options of farewell to colleagues for more original personalities. However, they incur a considerable cost, but your departure will be accurately remembered by former colleagues. You can invite employees to a wine tasting or whiskey with elite varieties of alcohol toasts will definitely be more delicious and memorable. Invite colleagues to a game of paint-ball in a fun, active and useful. There you can invite a large number of people and not have to worry about farewell speech – the paintballs will replace all the words. Other options farewell evening with colleagues: jazz-dinner (sophisticated, bright and elegant); a trip to the bowling (cheesy, but always topical and fun); a farewell photo session with colleagues (that certainly will remain a memory for life).