Plastic window (insulated glass) with proper installation and care will last about 40 years. Modern Windows are distinguished by the fact that it is not whimsical. They do not need to paint, to glue for the winter, to handle the different solutions that prevents the process of cracks of the wood. But to wash the window, it is still necessary at least twice a year when the seasons change. Should not be wet cleaning at low temperatures, as it may crack the glass or damage the plastic.
To wash the accumulated dirt and dust can ordinary soap solution or use special detergent for washing Windows. It is impossible to use abrasives to scrub surface with a stiff brushes and sponges, as the profile (plastic frame) can be damaged. To get rid of small cracks later. Better suited to soft tissue or cloth.
Below the glass pleasing to the whole family, it is not enough only to wash them a couple times a year. It is important to monitor hardware - iron inserts that allow the window to open and close. They should from time to time to lubricate them to prevent rust, creaked and remained well mobile. Grease suitable grease or machine oil. The same procedure must be handle.
Seals in insulating glass units play an important role. They protect from draughts and function of noise reduction. They should also be carefully cleaned with a special tool while washing, and then dry thoroughly. Manufacturers strongly recommend customers not to ignore this event for the sake of your own peace of mind.
If the owners just decided to install Windows, you must ensure that during installation the Windows were in the protective film, otherwise they can damage, scratch, which would entail an unnecessary headache and frustration. But after installation, after a couple of days, you need to remove the entire cover. If you miss the time, then this would be problematic. In place of the film will remain unsightly sticky residue.
Fans of indoor plants very often become the main culprits in the deterioration of the window sill. During watering around the pot can accumulate moisture. Over time, yellow circles, get rid of them is impossible or very difficult. To avoid such a situation, you need the window-sill lay a film or use the trays for flower pots.