You will need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - the new window handle;
  • universal penetrating lubricant WD-40 or silicone grease;
  • - Allen wrench No. 4;
When you wear window handle crank base plate of the handle 90 degrees. Remove the bolts that secure the handle to the body of the glass. Install the new handle, do not forget to install under the base plate of the regulator ventilation.
If the handle on your glass hard turns or makes clunking sound, then the possible reasons for this fault could be the sagging of the glass on the hinges or drying lubrication of the locking mechanism. Lubricate all moving parts with lubricant WD-40 or other silicone lubricant recommended by the manufacturer of your plastic Windows. To adjust the glass with the misalignment, locate the adjustment screws of the hinges, and twisting or twisting them, set the opening of the window in the correct mode.
Adjust the seal. In the case of the occurrence of a slotted draft should adjust the pressure of the sash window. There are several types of sealing mechanisms. Plate compactor is controlled by turning the hexagon in the corresponding hole. Visually you will see the moving plate and the change of the press the sash to the window frame. Roller compactors are also regulated by hexagon No. 4. Find a countersunk hole on the body of the roller and rotate, thereby adjusting the pressure of the window. Along with this ensure that the roller is freely entered into your groove on the body of the window.