You will need
  • - combined key;
  • - straight screwdriver;
  • - thick gloves;
One of the most important conditions that must be satisfied for trouble-free operation of the chainsaw is properly tensioned and sharpened the chain. Effective and safe use of the entire tool depends entirely on the continuous monitoring of his chain device.
Saw the bus in this design is held by the clutch cover, which has the chain brake. For installation on new or previously used chain you must first remove the nuts located on the cover sprockets. Keep in mind that this cap cannot be removed without loosening the chain brake. This is done by pulling the stop brake in the direction of the handle chainsaw.
Holes for chain tension allow you to set the tire in any position. Saw the bus need to shift closer to the leading asterisk. When you install the chain on the tyre need to be very careful. The cutting teeth of the chain on the top of the tire should point in the direction of the driven sprocket. First, the circuit is mounted on the leading asterisk, and then the shanks of the chain inserted in the groove of the saw tires. Then put the chain on the teeth, driven sprocket. You should ensure that the shanks of the chain seated in the groove of the tire and bottom. It is very important for further operation.
Device for tensioning the chain, is provided with an adjusting screw mounted in the clutch cover. Element tensioning device should enter the hole on saw the bus so he took the rear position. Installing the cover for the chain sprocket, you only need to loosely install the nut, not tightening them completely. Using the combined key to adjust the tension of the chain. Then saw the bus lifted up and only then tighten nut completely.
If chain installation was performed correctly, the chain easily comes out of the groove is 1 cm and has free running movement on the bus. The drum should rotate easily when the promotion chain saw on the bus. The tension should be checked at every gas station chainsaw. Insufficiently tensioned chain can jump off the bus and cause significant damage. The tension test should be done manually, wearing thick gloves. This should be done quite often, as new chains tend to increase in length during use. During operation, the circuit is heated and sags on the bottom side of the tire.