Consider the answer in advance, prior to the interview. It is necessary to prepare some variants of the answer. During the interview you will understand which option is more appropriate.
If the employer speaks in a no-nonsense tone, dry and only deals essentially answer in the same manner. Say, for example that the chosen profession reflects your interests and you are considering it as the most promising.
If you noticed, that the employer is trying to create a friendly atmosphere, communicates vividly and emotionally, making personal comments not directly related to work, be open, answer detail. Decent sound response with references:
- children's dreams, interests and Hobbies. This response is especially good when it comes to creative work;
famous representatives of the profession, which inspired the choice of the profession;
- parental authority. Tell me that my father worked in this profession and you're trying to be like him, over the choice of another profession didn't even hesitate.
Try to give a truthful answer, but don't call the reasons for choosing the profession that will present you in an unfavorable light. It is not necessary to say that the school was chosen according to the degree of its proximity to home, and specialty and is determined at random. No doubt that after such a story before the mind's eye of an employer you stand a man who is looking for easy source of stable earnings.
If you see that the employer is endowed with a sense of humor, joking, there is nothing wrong with that, and to show off a witty response. However, it is not necessary to answer that the more you do not know how. Think of a joke which will make it clear to the employer that you like the work done to develop and improve skills.