Ways of transferring contacts on iPhone

Many iPhone users shortly after acquisition are faced with one small problem: is it possible to transfer all your contacts from your old phone to the new one? Of course, you can. And there are a couple of ways.

The first option is to record all contacts on SIM card from old phone and then install it in the new iPhone. After that, you can use the phone menu to transfer contacts from the SIM card to the device. However, with the emergence of Mirco-SIM and nano-SIM it can be a bit problematic.

The second method – using Outlook Express for saving contacts on your old phone. And then use iTunes to sync the iPhone with the address book of Outlook Express.

But perhaps the most convenient method is the use of address book Google.

Transferring contacts to iPhone using Google mail

So, to start using software old phone to create an archive of recordings of all contacts in CSV format. For phones Nokia is Nokia PC Suite, Sony – MyPhone Explorer etc. Then you need to export contacts from Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express (depending on where they are stored). After the CSV file is created, you need to log in to your Gmail email (or create if it does not).

To the left is a button Gmail need to expand it and select "Contacts" then click "Advanced" and "Import". In the appeared window you need to specify where the CSV file that was recently created. After downloading the file, Gmail will display the number of imported contacts.

Now you only have to transfer contacts from Google to iPhone using iTunes. First you need to connect your device to computer and launch iTunes. Then in the left menu, on the tab "Devices" you need to choose your iPhone. Then in the top menu to choose the Information tab, then tick "Sync contacts" and in the drop-down menu, select "Google Contacts". After clicking the "Configuration" button and specify the data of your gmail account. Apply the settings and contacts are copied to your iPhone.

After you transfer all contacts to your iPhone can still set up an interesting option. It allows you to automatically sync any changes to the phonebook contact list with the Gmail account. So, if you accidentally deleted someone's number from your phone, you can recover it via Google.

To do this, go to your phone's settings, choose "Mail, contacts, calendars" and then in the line "Standard Uch. Zap. to", select "Google". That's it – after these steps, any changes made on the iPhone almost instantly will appear in your notebook Google. And Vice versa.