If you need to copy numbers from the sim card inserted in the iPhone, go to settings of your phone. Scroll down the settings page and tap on the item "Mail, Contacts, Calendars". Next, click on "Import SIM contacts" and wait for the import.
If you want to copy numbers from iPhone to SIM card, you need to reflash your iPhone, if it was not pereproshit informed. Download new firmware for iPhone and file downloaders (bootloader). Start iTunes and, holding Shift, click Restore. Select pre-downloaded firmware file.
Download and run QuickPwn. Connect via USB cable the phone to the computer. In QuickPwn activate the "Next" button (blue square with an arrow). Then install on iPhone program Installer and Cydia. In the new window, tick the items Add Cydia, Add Installer and Unlock iPhone, if this paragraph is. Select bootloader requested by the program.
The phone will be transferred to the Recovery Mode. Press the Home key and hold 5 seconds. Then hold the power button while holding Home, and hold for 10 seconds. At the end of time release only the power button. Keep your finger on the Home until the program on the screen will not display the message about the transition to the next step. 30 seconds will start the jailbreak. Wait until the end of the process. When your iPhone has restarted, disconnect the cable from the computer.
After flashing, open Cydia and search for the name of the app SIManager. Install this app and close Cydia. Open SIManager and press Setup button in the upper left corner. Move the slider to Fast read to the right and select how to sort the SIM contacts by name/surname, or Vice versa.
OK, just Done. Exit to the main menu of the application and there select Read from SIM. Wait for connection application with your phone. After that, tap ' Copy iPhone to SIM. Wait until your contacts will be transferred from iPhone to SIM card. Without flashing this process is impossible.
Transfer numbers from your address book using iTunes. Connect your iPhone and iTunes will start automatically. If this happens, double-click on its icon to open the window. Click the Devices tab (Devices) to your phone. Next, select Info ("Info") and check the box next to Sync Address Book contacts ("Sync contacts"). Select Windows Address Book and put a dot next to All Contacts (All contacts).
Address book is in "start" → "Programs" → "Standard" → "Address book". Do not put ticks near items on replacement information on the iPhone. Click Apply (Apply). In the window that POPs up iTunes, click on "Merge information". In addition, you can sync contacts with Outlook. To do this you need to choose instead of Windows Address Book Outlook.
Save room by using the app "КонтактыExcel". Find and download it from the AppStore if you have an Apple ID and able to connect to the Wi-Fi access point. Start the app by tapping it with your finger, and after running click on "Start". Your contacts will be imported into an Excel file. Select the option to transfer file via Wi-Fi or USB cable.
If you decide to use the first option, select wifi and click "Continue". The file will be exported via the wireless network, and you will be prompted to type in the address bar of the browser of the computer network address. Entering it, you will be taken to a page where you need to press a single button to save the file.
If you decide to connect the iPhone via USB, connect your phone to the computer. Click "Continue". The file will be saved in the application folder. It will be in the list of programs of your phone in iTunes. Opposite apps when you scroll down the page, you will see the saved file.