There are several factors, which folded, you can get a perfect cat-Piper. Is his appearance, behavior and genetic predisposition. Are essential and skills gained little hunter in my childhood.

The appearance of the cat-Piper

In order to cope with the rats, the cat must have a number of external features. Often pest control are cats, as they must not only be able to stand up for their offspring, but also to feed it. Therefore, the most common coat color is unique to cats – single-suited.

The ears of the pied Piper of large, can have tassels on the ends. Skull shape – triangular, mustache long. The cat needs to be quite large and muscular, have short legs with large pads and a strong jaw.

The behavior of the pied Piper

One way to determine if your cat's ability to catch rats, to see how he behaves in the game. If hunting for a toy, he jumps and immediately connects to the fishing of teeth – he has the ability to catching rats.

Jump cat can be compared to jump a mongoose on a snake: nimble and fast, strangling the victim and prococom the flesh of the enemy.

Best of breed rat-hunting

Though there is no certain breed of cat-the pied Piper, but there are species that are most suitable to take on the role of home protector.

First and foremost, this neighborhood cats, well-mannered cat, which catches rats. So cats will be genetically transmitted physical data Mama cat and her agility. Cat teaches his children the art of catching rats from 6 weeks of age. But only in 6 months, the kittens will receive all the necessary skills. Why kittens should stay with mother as long as possible.

In St. Petersburg best pest control are considered to be the Hermitage cats. They were brought to the city after the siege to fight the brood of rats, and since these animals are my hunting dynasty.

Among pedigree representatives are best suited European Shorthair, Siamese and Siberian cats. They are suitable for this data and hunting instinct inherited from wild ancestors.

"Medical certificate"

The best hunters are not sterilized cats and neutered cats are not as "childless colleagues" losing the instincts necessary at catching rats.

Don't forget that future Piper, before you send it on thing, you need to make a number of inoculations. This is a vaccination to boost the immunity of the cat, as well as against rabies. For more information contact your veterinarian.