First of all, try to learn about the causes of the incident from the perpetrator. One phone call to your husband can help you find all the answers. Before you make any actions, try to learn the real cause of the incident and only then, depending on the answer chosen, begin to act.
If the husband thoroughly explained the reason for his absence at night was able to calm informing about his imminent return, then there is no need for concern and this situation has been resolved, discard all fears and doubts.
There's also another, more painful the situation when you have reason to believe that her husband didn't come home because of a mistress. In this case, in addition to the excitement there will be such bad feelings like resentment, powerlessness, the feeling that you have insulted and betrayed.
In fact, grounds for suspicion about male infidelity can be too much. For example, intuitive feeling, based on exclusion, indifference of the husband, his disinterest in family Affairs. Moreover, it is possible and the emergence of facts, indirectly confirming guesses. It should be borne in mind that at the slightest suspicion of the possible infidelity of a spouse, you need to take immediate steps for the prevention and suppression of his infidelities.
First and foremost, start with yourself. Surprise him, conformed, change the image, change its manner of communication with him, show a caring, understanding wife. Change the atmosphere in the house, experiment in the kitchen, get him some unusual and delicious dish.
Any changes in the familiar life you will be a good preventive measure that the husband didn't come home. Your transformation will not leave him indifferent, any change will cause my husband to look at you anew, he cannot stand, he will want to unravel your secret.
If your spouse often is lost somewhere, he has a new interest where you do not participate, or he began to relax without you in the company of friends then this is quite alarming, which means that your family life is under threat and needs urgent rescue.
Don't forget that it is better to be safe and to live a full, happy family than nadogradi, to lose a loved one. All your actions if the husband was absent from home at night should be calm, but strong, only in this case your family will reign happiness, respect and understanding.