Advice 1: How to kill all the mobs in Minecraft

Player in Minecraft constantly during gameplay surrounded by different creatures and mobs. These can be animals that are neutral to the gamer create or hostile monsters, which he must kill, otherwise, they will threaten the life of his character. However, sometimes situations arise that require the destruction of all present in the game at a specific point in mobs.
All of these mobs can be killed with one command
You will need
  • - special fashion
  • - special teams
  • - specific flags
If in your game world started too intensively spaunit'sâ various mobs, because of what the gameplay was a pain, so think about exactly what might trigger this phenomenon, and based on its causes such as times and plan the next steps. For example, if you overdid the plane of the space, reconfigure the game a bit. When the world is too flat, that in itself provokes the appearance of different creatures in considerable quantity. Because change its setting accordingly, and the "extra" mobs will stop appearing.
Use also another method of getting rid of zapounidis in excess of creatures, switch to peaceful difficulty of the gameplay. Then many of them will disappear by themselves. After waiting some time, return the game to the same level of complexity, which stayed in it earlier. However, remember that this path will be the salvation solely from a surplus of monsters. When there is a multiple spawn Pets, none the above switch will not be an obstacle for the continuation of these unfavorable phenomena.
When you play on the server where you installed the plugin WorldGuard, theprivate a certain area. This is done by allocating a wooden axe two extreme points of this region and name it using the command /region claim (then after a space follows the name of the owner of this piece of the play space). Later, when the territory is already supremacey, install it certain rules - including with respect to various mobs. Especially help you with the command /rg flag and then through the spaces the name of the region and spawnmob deny. This will prevent the appearance of different creatures only zapryazhennoy the region - the rest of this prohibition will not apply.
On certain servers (for example, a very popular Bukkit) use the WorldEdit plugin allowing to produce certain changes in the game world. There are there option /butcher will help to destroy all entities of any variety. For example, if you enter this command without any additional signs, slew monsters. Additional notes in the form of -p will kill all Pets of a master-and - animals-g - Golems, n - villagers NPC and l is even, and the zipper on them will call.
Install on the server (or, if you are the administrator, have authorized these people to do this) a special plug - in Kill all mobs. It is designed specifically for the destruction of different kinds of creatures in situations where manual their elimination is actually difficult, but a necessity in it. Typing /kamh you for a moment will kill hostile mobs in the virtual Playground as /kama circulate such actions only on Pets. Everyone, including the villagers, you eliminate team /kam.
One of the most radical ways of getting rid of "overpopulation" of the game world - the reinstallation of a particular region. However, try to eat associated with this command //regen only in exceptional cases, since then many actions will have to produce again - and almost from scratch.
Useful advice
One of the WorldEdit commands will surely be of your liking. It sounds like /to remove (followed by an indication of the specific type of entity and range of the team), and with it you can destroy in a given area of creatures of a certain sort.

Advice 2: How to remove mobs in Minecraft

In the course of gameplay in Minecraft the player is constantly surrounded by any creature. It can be tame animals, neutral or hostile mobs that attack the gamer and seeking to take his life. However, in this respect, there is currently "overpopulation" and the player seriously thinks about how to eliminate "microplastic" vast hordes of various creatures.
Better monsters to kill all at once
When you have decided that the gameplay turned into torment because of the crowds of different monsters, do not panic. To start think about what could provoke such a mass spawn of various creatures (especially hostile). Perhaps you did not quite correct settings, and you generate a superflat world. It reliefs just and contribute to the disproportionate appearance of many mobs of different types. Correct this by changing the appropriate options.
If you are concerned about only the surplus of monsters in the game space, repair it, change just one setting in the game menu. Switch the difficulty level to peaceful (Peaceful), and evil entities will disappear from all areas of the map literally for the moment and more spaunit'sâ not. This will continue only until, until you again switch to a more complex version of the game.
When it occurs on the server, and you are it administrator, temporarily change some parameters of its operation. Go to the file Note the three lines in it, spawn-npcs, spawn-monsters and spawn-animals. The first refers to the emergence on the playing spaces of the village people, the second to spawn monsters, and the third animals. Set these parameters to specific values. If you wish to disable any of them, place it after "equal to" false, no - write true.
Installing your resource WorldEdit, you will be able in a certain way to "reshape" the map space. Including you have the right to destroy throughout certain mobs or only some of their species by entering a single command. So, in order to remove from the game any entities (of course, except for the players), write in the console /butcher. When you want to destroy them with lightning, add to the above command,- l, removal of Pets -p, any of the animals -a's, Golems -g residents NPC-n/. Acts in the same way the phrase /remove, and then destroy the English name of the entity.
If the game servers installed the plugin WorldGuard, try to use it to set special flags - including a ban spawn mobs. First theprivate region, and set such markers. To ban the appearance of any mobs enter a command. It sounds like this: /rg flag and then the name of the site and deny spawnmob. By the way, there are different creatures on the map in General, this command does not apply. She will act only in the region where installed.
Install the plugin Kill all mobs. It perfectly helps to cope with the immediate removal of any entity - command /kam. To killing only monsters use /kamh, and to carry out the extermination of animals with /kama.
Useful advice
Theprivate region, he picked up the wood axe (or typing //wand), noting the left and then the right mouse buttons two diametrically opposite corners of an imaginary cuboid, which is inscribed in your area. Then write in the chat /region claim and after a space the name and area will be assigned to you, and you can install it on their flags rule.

Advice 3: How to remove all the water in minecraft

Game world of Minecraft tends to realism, and many of the objects in it are similar to those that occur in ordinary life. And one of the most frequently out there substances can be called water. It is represented, as in onecomputer reality, in the form of ponds of various sizes and very frequently used by players.
You can make the water stopped flowing

The importance of water in Minecraft

The water in many moments of the game is gamers assistant. With her help, they set various traps, safely descend from great heights (when required to do so), quickly clean up large spaces from a variety of materials: mushrooms, vegetation, torches, wheat, snow, etc. However, some built of Redstone and rails it is also capable of wiping.

The water in the connection with the lava serves as a means to create cobblestone and obsidian. Incidentally, the latter circumstance is often used by the players when they need to cross a lava lake. They put the water next to the lava and transformirovalsya in obsidian. And now you can cross it safely, and at the same time a valuable resource for crafting and various buildings to get.

In addition, and as protection from monsters too often is water. A lot of gamers know: if you pour it in the side where approaching hostile mobs will run away from them. Zombies can't swim against its current, but spiders are not able to jump out of it.

Simple ways to remove the water

However, not all the water is good. Often, it becomes an obstacle in the implementation of the player ambitious plans for the development of any area. Gamers often face the seemingly difficult task - to clean up somewhere huge amounts of this liquid. Buckets to scoop her up and carry to another location, of course, possible - but it will take a lot of time, and in relation to the sea or ocean, doesn't work at all.

However, there are several methods how to get rid of it, and many of them are quite simple. One of these methods will be useful if the resource where the gamer plays, installed the plugin WorldEdit. It gives any player an Arsenal of commands which can be subjected to serious changes in the surrounding space.

For example, if you want to adjust the level of the surrounding water bodies, it is enough to put on a special console /fixwater. When there is a desire to get rid of quite liquid - one drop - in a particular area, you should use the command /drain, and separated by a space to specify the radius of this order. By the way, at once get rid of the lava in the same area.

However, if the installation of plugins to mess around reluctance, you should use some other method of getting rid of large amounts of water. You should enclose the place with walls made of blocks all of the liquid remained surrounded by them, and then gradually replace it with sand or other similar material. When all the water drops to go, the aforementioned units can just destroy.

Some disappeared not very large bodies of water flooding them with lava. In the end, instead they make a mass of blocks of cobblestone, or obsidian (depending on how you want to interact fiery volcanic flows with water).

Sponge to remove the water

In newer versions of Minecraft there was another way to get rid of water mass absorption them with a sponge. That, as practice shows, is able to absorb up to fifty cubic meters of the liquid. Then it gets wet and becomes non-functional, but you can remedy it, dry it in a furnace with coal.

Valuable block was mined until recently only in the creative mode of the game or were distributed on various resources by administrators. They played sponge in various competitions or sold in stores. Gamers went to a lot of tricks, just to get a water aspirator, as its validity period is unlimited. Losing it is losing in pvp, or dropping into lava.

However, now the sponge has appeared in the survival mode. Now to get it directly in the gameplay. In the wet form it is sometimes generated in underwater fortresses, and falls after killing ancient guardians, inhabited by hostile mobs, like a fish. These beings, with the health of forty hearts, added in the Minecraft version 1.8. To kill them is very difficult because they inflict on the player fatigue for five minutes. However, because the reward for success - the sponge is quite valuable.
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