You will need
  • - favorite books
  • - positive films.
Do not stay alone with your thoughts for a long time. To cry and give vent to emotions is helpful, but try not to drag it out. If you're too long a time to weep and mourn, you will go crazy. So try to pull myself together, even if it seems a daunting task. Try to convince yourself, for which you need to move on, find motivation.
Surround yourself with pleasant things, try to make life positive aspects. Often go out into the street. Let at first it will be a half-hour walk in the Park near the house. This will have a positive effect not only on mood but also on your health. Because fresh air is necessary. May you experience at least a few moments of relief and something similar to a good mood. It will be a sign that your psychological state is not in the worst shape. Breathe fresh air regularly.
Indulge in their lives. Surely your friends and loved ones want to help you experience grief, to lighten the mood. Don't push them, take care. For the usual conversations on extraneous issues and household chores you'll be able to escape from the sad thoughts. Take the offers of friends to go to cinema or theatre. Of course, you should not try to dramatically change your life, try to get out of a difficult psychological state gradually.
Try to smile. Let's hard at first, but try to find positive moments even in small things. Read your favorite books, cook delicious food. Constantly force yourself to do something, to do something. Don't lie all day on the couch feeling sorry for myself and even more delving into their grief. Less watching sad movies, stop your choice on the comedies or just good family movies. If you realize that all else fails and your condition is still poor, ask for help to a therapist. The specialist will help you not go crazy from grief and learn again to enjoy life.