Active laziness.
Suppose you need to write a term paper, but instead go to the store or spend hours talking to a friend on the phone. In the end, the work is done in the very last moments, when time is running out, thus increasing the likelihood of errors. Most likely, the work that must be done, you're not interested, or are you afraid of the volume of future work. For such a lazyYu can hide the self-doubt and a fear that won't be able to get on with work, and as a consequence, inclusion of a protective mechanism.
How to overcome active laziness? First and foremost, you need to ask yourself whether you want to perform this work? If it is related to the lessons or documents, then you need to obtain good grades. Next, you should determine how long you want to take on this work and develop a plan of action. You must clearly understand where to begin and what needs to be done.
To overcome active laziness, you can meditate. For this you need to sit back and imagine that you perform the necessary action and what the result is. Imagine that you can buy for a scholarship. The better you submit, the sooner you'll get to work
Professional laziness.
Basically such laziness is common in people who daily spend their time at work. This laziness is defined accurately: on the eve of the working day, you have the dizziness, when one thought about that at work tomorrow, upset stomach, and you start to think about going to the doctor, to go to the hospital. However, in the morning, convince yourself that everything is fine and go to work. Duties performed automatically, but do think about how to get over the day. If you've not experienced with this, then it could be just fatigue, especially if work weekends, or have not been on vacation.
If you can't take a break from work, you should try to reconsider the relation to your vacation. Be sure to think about that when you achieve professional success, you get recognition from the authorities and as a consequence, higher wages. Secretly you can arrange a competition with your colleagues.
Absolute laziness - if you completely lost the meaning of life and do not want to do anything, neither work nor have fun nor to do household chores, you do something under the pressure of loved ones. Everything seems absolutely pointless and unnecessary.
If it's just laziness, to overcome it can: take a paper and write at the top "my goals in life." Then you need to list all of the goals at a rapid pace, without hesitation. After take another sheet. On it to write the question, "How do I want to spend the next few years?" and to ponder over the question with the answers in writing not more than five minutes. And the third piece of paper have to answer a very difficult question: "If I became aware of the fact that in a few months will die, as if I spent the rest of the time?". When you answer this question, you will understand what you need.
To cope with lazyYu can, but worse, if under the guise of laziness hides emotional trauma, in this case, it is necessary to consult a specialist.