Currently Luscher test especially actively used when taking people to work. Despite the fact that it was created in 1948, oddly enough, almost half of the candidates are still not able to pass it. The real test lies in the fact that you Express your attitude to the colors, selecting them in sequence. Each colour represents a particular set of human qualities. Before the test you will be asked to forget about fashion and try to follow only the personal relationship to the color.
In the process of passing the test, you need to choose the color 48 times. Initially, you will see several shades of grey from which to select the most pleasant. Then there will be a table of 8 colors, in the future will need to choose of these colors. Here begins the main part of the test. There is also a variant in which the test is carried out without a computer, and with real paper cards. In this case, you need to placed in a certain order 8 cards of different colors.
Ideally, from the point of view of the user, which often have HR, the order of arrangement or selection of colors in the Luscher's test is as follows: red, yellow, green, purple, blue, brown, gray, black. But it is not recommended to choose the color of this instruction, it is best to arbitrarily change something, so as not to arouse suspicion. It is recommended to change only the neighboring colors, but not rearrange cards that are far from each other.
Luscher test involves the unfolding of cards twice in a row. It is best to choose the same colors in the same order, but in any case it is not recommended very much to rearrange them or put in reverse order.
You can try to prepare ideal for your character, the sequence of colors. For this you need to be guided by the value of the position number and the color. First and second place is a favorite color of the person, or the brightest of his quality; the third and fourth – the quiet state. Fifth and sixth place – that's what you care about, and the seventh and eighth – alien colors.
Red is the color of leaders, but it can be a little aggressive. It also means life energy. Blue is the clarity of thought, calmness, ability to reason, stability. Green – perseverance, need to achieve their goals. Yellow – friendship, sociability, good character. Purple – odd thinking, unusual ideas, the irrational, sometimes internal problems. Black – fear, pain, depression, negative attitude. Grey – apathy and complexes.