You will need
  • phone.
If you think that a certain person has added you to the ignore list on your phone, call the desired number. If you constantly hear the busy tone or the phone simply not available, most likely, it means that you brought in the black list for some reason.
Immediately after the call your call the same subscriber on another phone. If the beeps are normal, then your phone number is definitely brought to the ignore list of incoming calls. You can also just ask a person a question directly.
If you have no way to check listed your phone number into the black list, with a call from another phone, simply send a TEXT message to this man, pre-configured in the relevant menu of the mobile device a delivery report and set the minimum waiting period. If the delivery report comes almost immediately, most likely, the person's phone is enabled and your number blacklisted. If you receive a message that your SMS could not be delivered at the moment, most likely, the phone you are interested subscriber is really off either at this point in its location as a bad signal strength of the network.
If you want to know, listed are you the person in the black list in the social network "Vkontakte", review his page and if you see the full restriction of access to information ("the User chose to hide the data"), chances are you added to this list. You buttons send message and add it to the list of friends on the website.
In order to find out whether you are listed in the black list of credit institutions in connection with certain violations of the rules of use provided to you the borrowed funds, make a request to the Central Catalogue of Credit Histories. Find there information about yourself - if your name is "Bad credit history", it is possible that your application will not be approved by the banks, at least in the near future.